Proclaiming a Living Faith

We asked Pastor Daniel Kryston to explain what Gospel ministry involves in Poland.

Daniel and Ania

Daniel, can you please tell us something about your family and conversion?

I was born in 1962 into a Christian and at the age of 17 accepted Jesus Christ as my Saviour and Lord.

In 1987, I got married to Ania, who is a true gift from God. We have 3 children: Amadeusz (31), Lukasz (28) and Marta.

All three accepted Christ as their Saviour and the two younger ones are very committed Christians serving with us in the Free Evangelical Church in Piotrków Trybunalski, central Poland.

In what particular ministries are you now involved?

Today I am a pastor of the church in Piotrkow Trybunalski and have been in this ministry for 26 years now.

The Roman-Catholic Church has a strong influence on many areas of life. People in my country have a false opinion of what it is to be a Christian, i.e. follow the tradition and keep the “faith of our fathers” rather than a personal relationship with Christ by faith alone.

Unfortunately, evangelical Christians are often looked upon as a cult by many members of our society and considered not even to be Polish because “a good Pole has to be Roman because ”a good Pole has to be Roman Catholic."

This spiritual context is very important when it comes to describing the ministries we are involved in. Generally speaking, it is spreading the Bible Gospel in all possible ways to show God is real and not primarily a severe Judge (most Polish people see God like that) but a loving Father full of grace and compassion, interested in the salvation of every single person. Through our ministries we aim to tell people the Good News of salvation in Christ. It is a long and difficult process of gaining people’s trust so they can listen to us without fear of being contaminated by “strange faith” as some call evangelical Christianity. This can be quite bumpy and frustrating at times.

What encouragements have you experienced in your ministry?

The biggest blessing is to see souls being saved, to see God at work among us and to witness the changing power of the Gospel.

We are also encouraged to see people grow spiritually and get involved in the ministry. However, for this to become real we, as the leadership, are engaged in discipleship, spending time with people and helping them to grow in their faith.

Last November we held a conference on the marks of a healthy church where we taught about:

1) expositional preaching,

2) bible theology,

3) the gospel,

4) a biblical understanding of conversion,

5) a biblical understanding of evangelism,

6) a biblical understanding of church membership,

7) biblical church discipline,

8) a concern for discipleship and growth

9) biblical church leadership.

We must teach about such matters. There is a real need for sound Bible teaching that will lead to healthy churches in this part of the world.

What role has SGA played in your ministries?

The role of SGA in my ministry has been invaluable.

First by bringing me over to the UK for some solid Bible training and then by faithful and ongoing spiritual and financial support over the years.

Although I strongly believe in the sovereignty of God, I also believe in the responsibility of man. The love, prayers, and support we have received from our brothers and sisters in Christ, through SGA, have been a tremendous blessing to me, my wife, our family and our local church.

I have no doubt, we would not be where we are now without the ministry of SGA.

How can we pray for you?

We are still in a land where most people are far away from living faith in Christ. Poland is increasingly being swept up in a wave of materialism and consumerism and people without Christ are perishing.

We are determined to be “the salt of the earth and the light of this world” (Matt.5:13) and to follow Christ but the path is challenging.

We have been involved in a church building project for more than 25(!) years and it has not been completed yet. Please pray with us that the Lord may provide what is needed.