Reaching Across the Airwaves

Poland is in desperate need of the Gospel.

While the need is great and the challenges significant, we praise God for the many Gospel initiatives that are being undertaken across Poland. One such ministry is Radio Voice of the Gospel – a long-standing partner of SGA which aims to reach people with the Gospel by means of radio and other forms of media.

A favourite saying of those involved is “History is the language of our hearts. Media is the language of our time. We use both to tell people about Jesus.”

God has been enabling them to fulfil this aim. Henryk Dedo, one of the leaders of Radio Voice of the Gospel explains how the Lord has expanded and blessed this ministry over the years.

"In 1983 when I joined, we were only able to broadcast on shortwave radios. That limited our reach and audience. However, today we are broadcasting our material on 59 FM radio stations. These include commercial stations, government stations and prison stations… About 20 years ago we started a partnership with the Polish national station. It is the equivalent of the BBC in Great Britain and presently through the year, we have 40–60 of our programmes broadcast in the biggest radio station in the country. In addition to traditional radio, we are finding a growing audience on the internet. Over 6,000 people each week listen to some of our programmes on our website. We are thankful that sometimes God surprises us with the opportunities He gives us."

Radio work Henryk 2
Radio 2

A quick snapshot of the material produced and broadcast, illustrates the value of these opportunities.

Henryk explained "Our target audience is not believers. We are in commercial and government radio stations which means that 98% of our regular listeners are not Christians. We have found that a particularly powerful way of reaching them is through radio documentaries where we tell people’s testimonies and in doing so illustrate the power of the Gospel.

These award-winning 40 minute programmes take a great deal of time and effort to produce, but in the end they are a proven method of reaching people with the message of Jesus Christ.

Another programme that has proved very popular is called ‘Drops of Eternity’. These programmes are only 70 seconds long and contain ‘drops of godly and Gospel wisdom’. They are presently broadcast on 58 stations 5 days a week."

While thankful for what God has done in the past, Henryk and his team are not resting on their laurels. They are planning for the future and three initiatives are worth highlighting.

Firstly, they are working on making available material drawn from the four Gospel accounts. Each 15 minute programme contains a Bible reading, expository teaching and Christian music.

Secondly, plans are already in place to produce programmes to be broadcast nationwide during Easter and Christmas.

Finally, they are developing a series of devotions that will be broadcast on YouTube with the specific aim of reaching young people with the Gospel.

All these initiatives need careful planning and prayer as they endeavour to make the most of the opportunities God has given them.

Radio work Henryk 1

Please continue to pray for all those involved in Radio Voice of the Gospel in Poland. May God continue to surprise and use them as they seek to reach this needy nation with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.