Fulfilling their Gospel Calling

On the 15th April 1656, an English pastor named Richard Baxter wrote in his book ‘The Reformed Pastor’:

“If there are five hundred or a thousand Gospel ignorant people in your parish it is a poor discharge of your duty to speak to just a few of them.”

Many pastors read this and took up the challenge to be better shepherds, to reach the lost, and to plant churches. In the UK we have experienced the blessings which flowed from this period of renewal. The situation in Slovakia today reflects that of England more than 400 years ago.

Yet there is something different about this present generation of Slovakian pastors and church planters. Unlike the English clergy of Baxter’s day, they do want to discharge their Gospel calling. Indeed they are crying out for resources to be able to accomplish this, in a country that is still quite young in its freedom from Communism.

This is a land where evangelicals total less than 2 percent nationwide, and in some cities only 0.4 percent.

The majority of the population are nominally Roman Catholic, and in their beliefs there is no emphasis on a personal walk with God. This is a great challenge to Christian workers who want to fulfil what God has placed on their hearts.

SGA is in touch with two such men who are zealous evangelists.

Marek Tomasovic and his wife are in their late 20s. He became a believer when he was 17 and knew then that God had called him to mission and pastoral work.

Presently he works full time to support himself in his ministry in the city of Trnava, where he is assistant to the senior pastor.

The church was planted here more than 20 years ago and has grown to the point where Marek really needs to have more time for ministry.

The church has recently received approval to open a small primary school. It will be called Narnia, and will give invaluable opportunities to reach out to families.

Support for Marek is not just a “good idea”, but essential to release him to fulfil God’s calling.

Marek Tomasovic Slovakia 2

Another is Ervin Mittlemann. He pastors a Gospel church in a city where only 4 in every 1000 are believers. Ervin understands his calling is to plant churches which will go on to plant more churches. In seeking to plant churches he works according to three basic principles:

1. Plant the congregation

2. Establish mission active congregation

3. Nurture strong missionary minded disciples with every member active

Today Ervin and his colleagues have three Gospel communities. They have a vision for 12 by 2023. This Ervin sees as his duty, and it is clear he is not going to neglect it.

Ervin and Marika with their children Filip and Miriam

Both Marek and Ervin show a similar missional perspective. As part of planting and growing churches, they are also training capable members in their Gospel call and duty. They are thinking the same way Richard Baxter did in 1656 – to minister for the future, nurturing strong leaders, building strong Gospel churches, reaching out to lost sinners.

We in our land have received blessing because of those who in the past fulfilled their Gospel duty.

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