Supporting the Seventy

As we move into our 70th Anniversary Year with our focus on supporting seventy new evangelists and church planters across SGA’s ministry fields, God is already answering your prayers. He is calling and sending out dedicated workers with their families, to spiritually needy regions and communities in different lands.

Here are two who need your prayerful and practical support for their ministries:

Nenad Kalaji Serbia

Nenad Kalaji – Serbia

Meet Nenad Kalaji, 46 years old, married to Dusica, who with their four children are living and witnessing in a large village called Uljma.

Nenad has recently planted a church among the Romany people of that village. It has already grown and they have nine baptized members, and a rapidly developing work among the children and teenagers of the community.

Up to thirty children and young people attend their Sunday School, where Dusica works with the children and Nenad with the teens. They have plans, if possible, to hold a summer camp this year.

Nenad is busy visiting homes and families, and they rejoice that each Sunday unbelievers attend the church services.

Yuri Melnik

Yuri Meinik - Ukraine

Meet Yuri Meinik, a former student of the SGA Mission School in Balti, and one of the team of missionaries from the church in the village of Kalarashovka, pastored by Peter Mihalchiuk.

Some ten years ago Yuri planted a church in the village of Ungra in Moldova, where he faithfully ministered until moving to Ukraine with his family, to begin a new ministry there. He lives in the village of Rakhny and is involved in the life of the church there.

From Rakhny he has reached out to the village of Dzhurin, where God has blessed his Gospel work and a new church has been established. Yuri also travels to the village of Khomenki, about twenty miles from his home, where he is pioneering a Gospel witness .
In addition to this demanding involvement in evangelism and church planting, Yuri helps to co-ordinate Medical Mission evangelism in south Ukrainian villages.

We commend these brothers to you as worthy of your support. They minister in difficult circumstances and need much prayer and practical encouragement. To sponsor one of the Seventy, please click here.