Staffing Update

Over the past seventy years God has provided in miraculous ways.
SGA’s work continues to expand as the Gospel is proclaimed by faithful, indigenous believers.
Due to the growth of our field ministry, we have decided to appoint national believers to co-ordinate SGA’s ministry in their respective countries, rather than employing more UK-based personnel. We believe that this will prove to be more cost-effective and efficient.
Regional Co-ordinators have already been appointed in Romania, Moldova, and Ukraine, and each have experience of church planting and a heart for the expansion of the Gospel.
Pastor Mladin
Pastor Onisim Mladin for Romania
Peter Mihalchiuk 03
Pastor Peter Mihalchiuk for Moldova
Ps Roman Vecherkovsky Reg Coord Ukraine
Pastor Roman Wecherkovskiy
Eastern Europe Map
Martyn Pearson
Martyn & Amanda

Martyn Pearson

For four years Martyn has been fulfilling the role of Finance Co-ordinator in SGA’s head office in Rugby. Due to a recent update in accounting software, Martyn will be able to devote some time to deputation ministry in the English Midlands.

He will continue to work in the office Monday to Wednesday, devoting the remainder of the week to visiting church fellowships etc.

He can be contacted at:

0121 559 2109

Lisa Chow
Lisa & Chi Wah

Lisa Chow

With our special 70th anniversary project firmly in place we are excited about the prospect of seventy missionary families being ‘Sent by the Lord’ and financially supported by SGA donors. It is anticipated that extra administration will be required for the smooth running of this project as well as continued oversight of existing projects. Lisa Chow, who has been appointed as part-time administrative assistant, will co-ordinate project information.

She can be contacted at:

01788 220 699

Derek & Liz Slark
Derek & Liz

Derek Slark

Voluntary Representatives have fulfilled a great ministry over the years. We are grateful to those who dedicate themselves to this ministry.

Derek Slark, who served previously as Office Administrator in the Eastbourne office, has been recently appointed as a Voluntary Representative in South Wales. He will support Chris Menzfeld in promoting the ministry of SGA in this part of the country.

He can be contacted at:

07512 923 606