Five Go To Serbia

At the end of July last summer a team of five young people aged between eighteen and twenty-one visited Serbia on a youth trip led by Andrew and Jan Coleclough.

Despite the intense summer heat, which at times was draining, each had a great time and a valuable experience.

Childrens ministry

The main part of our time was spent working with children. In the village of Alibunar, near Vrsac, we helped run a Holiday Bible Club.

The team told Bible stories, led quizzes, organised craft and activities. Our themes were the Lost Sheep and Zacchaeus.

Serbia Youth Team 4
Looking sheepish!
It was really encouraging to see how the kids were so attentive and enthusiastic about what we were doing. It was a really great time with them.

Children in Alibuner

The team loved working with the children and would have happily spent more time with them.

Parachute games

Katie & Ruth share…

Two days were spent visiting the Roma kindergartens in Zemun and Surcin, run by Bread of Life. These seek to support Roma children in their education with the aim of keeping them in mainstream school. The team played games and did craft activities with the children.

It was really encouraging because we got to meet some of the people who had been through the programme and were now helpers at the kindergartens
Serbia Youth Team 8
Zemun kindergarten
Serbia Youth Team 6a
Surcin kindergarten

Bread of Life also has a programme to help needy widows. A morning was spent visiting several of those who receive support – some of which is provided by SGA.

The ladies were touched by the visit of the young people and each received the gift of a framed verse drawn by Naomi.

Naomi said, ‘What I found most encouraging was seeing how the Gospel and Jesus’ love was being shown in such a practical way. Whatever that need was, whether financial or social, Bread of Life was able to meet that need and help them. A really positive thing was to be able to sit down and pray with them. They were open to that and to listen to the news about Jesus.'

Serbia Youth Team 1
Visiting widows
Serbia Youth Team 2
Showing practical love
Anastasia shares…
Naomi shares…

Some time was spent relaxing in the Serbian countryside at Bread of Life’s camp site at Tekeris. SGA has provided finance for the camp, which certainly impressed Ethan.

‘It was amazing to see the work that is going on with the camp that is being built and how amazing it is all looking. It’s such a good place for kids to go. The activities, places to sleep, and even the toilets – it all looks so fresh and new!’

The Tekeris Campsite

Ethan shares…

We are thankful for answered prayer regarding the trip. The team got on well and were all kept safe and healthy.

We are also thankful for the folks in Serbia who were so helpful and hospitable – especially Trajan Kacina, Avram Dega and the leaders at Bread of Life.

Anastasia summed up our feelings, 'The experience was amazing and we had such a good time. But it wasn’t about having a good time, it was about serving people. What I found really humbling about the experience was that people who didn’t have much would give everything.'