Spreading the Truth

For many years it has been SGA’s privilege to help the ‘spread of the Gospel’ overseas by providing funds for transport and Houses of Prayer.

Motorbikes Moldova Pastors
More motorbikes for pastors in Moldova
Liadovo House of Prayer Sept 2019
Liadovo House of Prayer - Opened September 2019

Transport has always been an integral part of SGA’s ministries. Peter Deyneka crossed the Atlantic many times on passenger liners. SGA [UK] staff used to travel across Eastern Europe in VW Camper vans during the ‘cold war’ period. Staff members still travel, but now using budget airlines. Christian workers in SGA’s fields of operations must travel many miles to carry out their ministries.

Many of them have benefited from SGA funds to help purchase cars. Over sixty motorbikes have been supplied to workers in Moldova. These vehicles have proved vital for pastoring churches or church planting purposes.

Many have expressed thanks and shared how their vehicles have made a tremendous difference to their ministries! Can you imagine? Peter Mihalchiuk’s old car covered over half a million kilometers on Moldovan roads!

In Kazakhstan Alexander Karayakov recently received help to upgrade his car. He wrote, ‘I cannot fulfil my ministries without a good and reliable car… without one I am simply not able to perform the service that I have been entrusted with. I am very grateful to the Lord and to SGA!’

Alexander with his newer car

Whether it is Pastor Jacek Duda supporting church plants in south east Poland, or Avel Dorokhov, as part of the ‘Reach Russia Now’ project, seeking to establish a new ministry in Solontsovyy, over towards the Sea of Japan, one thing is sure – these men need good vehicles.

Sasha Polichiuk, included in our Leadership Support program in Moldova, shared his frustration when his old vehicle became unserviceable. ‘I became desperate… not knowing how I could continue my ministry’. Through the help of SGA supporters that need has been met and Sasha’s fruitful ministry continues.

The Houses of Prayer project has been another effective way of supporting churches in spreading Gospel seed.

In Moldova, where Christians refer to their places of worship as Houses of Prayer, Peter Mihalchiuk, SGA’s Regional Co-ordinator, reported in 2014 that churches had multiplied numerically from 100 to over 800!

Support from SGA in response to this outpouring of God’s Spirit has included provision of places of worship. In the late 1990s funds were provided for prefabricated buildings but from 2004, the strategy was amended. Funds were sent to purchase and refurbish old properties, and in some cases to erect new buildings! Nearly thirty Houses of Prayer have been supplied in Moldova alone!

Help was offered to Nojorid in Romania, Skopje in Macedonia, Remeti in Ukraine, and Rakitivo and Trakia in Bulgaria. Three more buildings were dedicated last year in Kovin [Serbia], Liadovo [Ukraine], and most recently in Felued near Aiud in Romania, where a Roma church meets.

Lady Mayor
Mayor of Liadovo
Liadovo Church Opening Sept 2019 w
Liadovo opening service - September 2019

These have been the means of great blessing.

The lady mayor of Liadovo, not a believer, addressed the congregation at the dedication service. She said:

‘We have many problems in the villages and towns of Ukraine. We have problems with alcohol, drugs and many other issues. We have all these problems and we don’t know what to do. But faith may help. Faith gives hope. Where there is no faith there is no hope. So please come to this building and pray that God will give faith to our people…’

Praise God!