Be Prayerful

By Derek Maxwell

General Director

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The man who mobilizes the Christian church to pray will make the greatest contribution to world evangelization in history.
Andrew Murray

As SGA founder, Peter Deyneka travelled extensively throughout the world, mobilizing believers to pray, and leading all-night prayer meetings in support of major evangelistic campaigns. God’s power was manifested with churches revived and many surrendering their lives for Christian service. He passionately exhorted the church to exercise their God-given ministry, the ministry of prayer. His closest friends knew him as a fervent warrior in prayer.

In recent editorials we have looked at Nehemiah as an informed and compassionate man. Now we want to consider him as a praying man! The information that was in Nehemiah’s head moved to his heart of compassion, and then to his praying knees.

Nehemiah was eight hundred miles away from the concern on his heart. People lived amid destruction and desolation in Jerusalem. However, we notice that when Nehemiah received God’s orders, he did not rush into the king’s office to usher a mandate. Instead, he went before God in prayer and trusted him to open the doors and change the heart of the king. God answered his prayer!

‘Prayer does not fit us for the greater work; it is the greater work’.
Oswald Chambers

Peter Deyneka passionately believed this, and practised it. On hearing about Slavic people without hope, his heart was moved with compassion. That compassion in turn moved him to prayer, not just on an individual level, but calling the church worldwide to pray.

From its beginnings SGA’s ministry has been bathed in prayer. Today we firmly believe that mission is the great work of the church, and prayer is the greatest resource for advancing the Gospel and the growth of His Kingdom in the world. God’s Word reminds us that the harvest is vast, but the labourers are few. Therefore, we must rise to the challenge of praying that the Lord of the harvest will send out a great army of labourers into the needy harvest fields of the earth!

We can be assured that there is no danger of the Lord of the harvest sending out too many labourers and crowding the fields. Please join us in praying that the selection of seventy missionary families will be guided by the Lord and that financial support will be available to send them to the field this year.

As we commence our 70th anniversary year we are convinced that there is no better way than to dedicate the month of February to prayer for SGA. We invite you to join us in this great ministry. Please find the Prayer Matters and Prayer Video Resources here.

It is imperative that believers pray and engage in the spiritual work of kingdom advancement. When they do, they begin to get a clearer glimpse of the mission. It is by prayer that God’s people move closer toward the heart of God for the world. It is by prayer that fears about sharing the Gospel are defeated.

Missions move forward in the power of prayer. May we fulfil our responsibility and exercise our God given ministry by falling to our knees in order to advance God’s kingdom to all nations.