The Christian Doctor will see you now!

A day off work is precious to us. Time to relax, to get some household jobs done and hopefully more time with family, and especially with God Himself. In the Ukraine, for a team of Christian doctors and nurses, a Saturday off work is a God-given opportunity to serve the needs of others in isolated villages and to give free consultations to those with medical issues.

Serghi Shalinski

Many villagers who are ill are unable to make the long journey to a hospital, as they have no car and no public transport to get them there. Even if they can make it to the hospital, medical treatment is expensive.

The Medical Ministry in Ukraine is a blessing to such people, seeking to meet both their physical and spiritual needs. This caring ministry is overseen by a church pastor and a trained nurse, Serghey Shalinsky (left) and Pastor Peter Mihalchiuk.

On the week before the Saturday clinic, invitations are distributed by the local church to every home in the village.

On the day itself the medical team arrive in the morning and set up in the ‘House of Prayer’. Then in mid-afternoon people arrive, lots of people! First, a short service is held, where a personal testimony is shared, some Christians songs are sung, and the Gospel is preached. The patients listen in silence; then after the service they have their consultation.

Doctor Medical

The villagers often leave happier than when they arrived, taking with them any needed medication. SGA[UK] helps purchase the medicine which is then given away freely.

At the end of the medical ministry the doctors leave both encouraged and exhausted, often not arriving home until after 11pm. The missionary pastor and the church fellowship continues to witness to and care for the villagers.

Many people thanked us with tears, because they really suffered from physical pain and didn’t have any hope. Many people have already visited our services on the Sunday, even knowing that there will be no medical help, but now they are looking for something more.
Pastor Peter Mihalchiuk

Waiting for the Doctors, whilst hearing the Gospel

About July’s medical ministry Peter says: ‘The biggest challenge we faced was a bigger number of people than we planned. We invited about 420 but in every village some people came without invitation (a total of 570) and asked for help. There were not enough medicines and we prayed a lot. But God is always faithful. A church from North Carolina helped with the money and they also sent some extra medicines for us.’

Peter finishes by asking, ‘Please tell the brothers and sisters in the United Kingdom that we appreciate their prayerful and financial support so much!’

Pray for this fruitful medical ministry, for the Christian doctors and nurses, and that many will find not only physical, but spiritual healing.

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