Month of Prayer

Much prayer… much power.
Little prayer… little power.
No prayer… no power.

Peter Deyneka’s famous saying is a truth that SGA has proven throughout seventy years of ministry. When people think of mission, whether global or local, it is easy to concentrate on activities, people and resources. But the great spiritual reality which must always be acknowledged is that we are entirely dependent on God if anything of eternal significance is to be accomplished. For this reason the great need has always been for committed prayer partners to join the work the Lord has called us to. SGA has always believed prayer is the key to Gospel ministry in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Far East Russia.

With this in mind, we believe it is appropriate to begin our 70th anniversary celebrations with a focus on prayer.

We invite you therefore, our partners in ministry to engage in a special period of praise and intercessory prayer for the work of SGA throughout February 2020.

To facilitate informed prayer, a booklet is being produced which will have daily prayer pointers and information to help individuals pray more intelligently.

Furthermore, it will be produced with the aim of it being a continuing resource through the rest of 2020. As well as addressing individual partners, we are encouraging and inviting churches and other groups to plan a particular time during February to pray for the work of God in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Far East Russia.

Prayer booklets will be sent to those on our mailing list. Further copies will be available from the SGA office or local representatives, and a PDF version will be available to download from our website.

As we begin our 70th anniversary celebrations we desire to seek God’s face and bathe everything in prayer. It is right to look back and give God the glory for the wonderful things He has done over the last seven decades. However, as we look forward, we long for God to work and move in ways only He can.

Supporting the 70

We invite you therefore, to join us during this special month of prayer and ask for Spirit-empowered Gospel expansion.

Click here for prayer resources.

We have no strength in ourselves. We cannot be spiritual bydepending merely on education, experience, personality or pastworks. We must depend entirely on the Holy Spirit in order to bemen and women of God. May the Lord help us to pray earnestly, asChrist did, so that we may be kept spiritual, powerful and growing inthe grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Peter Deyneka, from the book “Much Prayer, Much Power” (p.21)