Our Opportunity is Today

We no longer get a lot of information about Ukraine in our news. Yet it is a country which faces challenges to daily life on a huge scale.

The war continues, and according to the Ukraine Ministry of Affairs over 13,000 are dead, and more than 30,000 have been wounded in the conflict in the East.

In Loving Memory

A change of President has left uncertainty. Corruption is on every level of society. Tens of thousands have left the conflict zone to find peace in Western Ukraine. Many others have gone to other countries to find that peace. So many have lost homes, families, jobs and any hope of a stable future. To be an evangelical believer living in the war zone is to be seen as a western cult member and a threat to the Russian-backed revolution. It all sounds and is, on the face of it, very depressing.

However, the Gospel is working in powerful ways right across the Ukraine. Evangelical churches face challenges every day but their confidence in the Gospel grows daily as they reach out to their needy neighbours.

We must plant churches and we must support our missionary church planters.
Christain Leader in Ukraine

In the UK attitudes to church-planting may be determined by whether it’s ‘your thing’ or not. For Ukrainian believers it is essential for their future. As one pastor said, it should become part of our DNA to plant healthy churches. Support for church planters, both financial and through provision of training, is urgent to keep this momentum. SGA supports one particular training programme organized near to the capital city, Kiev. It has been developed by experienced church planters, many of whom have had to flee the war zone. They came together to discuss mission possibilities, and base their training on the concept of a church as a living organism.

Two stages to the programme were then developed. The first, that a church should be healthy and should reproduce, is explored in its different aspects, emphasizing biblical principles and their application. The whole body must be seen as a living organism, addressing the whole needs of humanity. Those needs can be met by Christ, through the churches as they teach and apply the Bible correctly. Students are taught in the classroom but also given exposure to working with trusted men in church planting situations.

Bible students & Church planters

The second part to the programme emphasizes and encourages students to go and do it. They are encouraged to think outside what they have known, and to seek God as to where they should be sent. The results are very encouraging. Churches have been planted in villages and city situations. There are even churches in the Chernobyl area.

An SGA team member who recently taught in the school, visited a church plant initiated by students who during the course of their studies, had already commenced their ministry! New believers were there, who have now found the peace and hope they were looking for in Christ, not the world.