Practical Love

There are approximately eighty direct references to widows throughout the Bible. Wherever you read in Old or New Testaments, you cannot escape God’s special concern for the widows. They are mentioned in the Prophets, Psalms, Gospels and Epistles.

In response to such a marked emphasis, SGA has long been involved in providing financial grants which enable churches to care for these vulnerable women. Reports abound of widows living in poor conditions facing an unenviable choice of whether to buy food or medicine or fuel. Through the generosity of God’s people in the UK and Ireland, SGA has been able to help meet many practical needs.

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Moreover, God has used the ‘Widows’ Project' to encourage His people and extend His Kingdom. Poor Christian widows have had their faith strengthened as their prayers have been answered through the kindness of fellow believers far away.

Non-Christian widows have been surprised and challenged as they have received much needed help. Such practical expressions of God’s love have broken down barriers and created an environment of trust that has allowed the truths of the Gospel to be shared. Summing up the value and necessity of this ministry

The world is full of evil and darkness, but praise be to God there are still many who want to spread His light and His kindness. Thank you for making a difference in this world.
A Romanian Pastor

The reports that come back from our friends in E. Europe and C. Asia detail the wide variety of women who are helped. The traditional picture of the widow in these countries is that of the older lady whose head is covered by a scarf and whose face has been weathered by age. There is little doubt the majority of those who benefit from this project are indeed elderly.

However, a significant number of younger women are facing massive challenges in bringing up their children, such as Guila from Central Asia. Guila was a pastor’s wife. Her husband was the leader of an evangelical church. Because of his ministry, Guila’s husband was arrested and robustly interrogated by the authorities. He returned home from his trying ordeal and went straight to bed saying he needed rest. Tragically, he never woke up. Life is difficult for Guila and she continues to struggle to feed and clothe her three young children.

Gulia TJ

The help given to her through the ‘Widows’ Project' has been significant, and a reason for praise to God in the midst of her difficulties.

Similar stories and testimonies of this ministry abound and so we commend this project to you. The profits from this year’s Christmas cards will help support the ‘Widows’ Project'. To purchase from our website please click here, or to order through our office, please ring 01788 220699.

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Please pray for SGA’s ministry among widows, and pray for opportunities to share the Gospel.