Sunday Schools Making a Difference

The leaders of Moira Baptist Sunday School were moved when they heard of the continued difficulties for the people of Eastern Ukraine. Political instability continues to impact the lives of many. During winter the conditions deteriorate, leaving vulnerable people cold, hungry and in some cases struggling to survive.

Working in partnership with local church leaders, SGA has helped fund a humanitarian aid programme that supplies those in need with heaters, thermal clothing and high protein food packages. Reports have outlined the value of this ministry and how God has used it to relieve physical hardship and also bring about spiritual blessing.

Having heard of what God has been doing through this project, Moira Baptist Sunday School leaders decided to encourage support for this ministry. Just before Christmas they gave each member of the Sunday School specially adapted socks and encouraged the children to use them to save for others in Ukraine. The children enthusiastically went about their task, and over the following months the fund steadily grew.

SGA’s General Director Derek Maxwell had the joy of participating in their Children’s Day service in which a cheque for £2,500 was presented to him. Following the service, donations have continued to come in and that total has increased. We praise God that such an initiative will make a tangible difference to the lives of men, women and children in East Ukraine this winter.

Derek with the Sunday school children

Another Sunday School with a similar vision has also made a difference to the ministry of a missionary pastor in Moldova. One of the most practical projects SGA currently runs is supplying motorbikes and other vehicles to Christian workers.

Often Gospel ministry is restricted because of problems with transport and SGA seeks to remove this very real obstacle to Gospel progress.

The leaders of the youth and children’s ministry in Omagh Independent Methodist Church felt they could partner with us in this project. Over the course of about a year, the children contributed each week and raised enough to purchase a motorbike for a pastor. It was a joy for Pastor Philip Johnston, on a recent teaching trip to Moldova, to personally hand over the motorbike. Again the consistent regular giving of a Sunday School has made a real difference to a ministry far away.

We thank all the groups who gave in this way. Much has been accomplished and for that we give God all the glory!