Gospel Progress One Year On…!

One year has passed since SGA launched its new initiative to reach people groups with the glorious message of the Gospel in Far East Russia. We were under no illusion about the enormity of the task. Thousands of towns, villages and communities have no church of any kind.

These people, who have never heard about the true God or even believe that there is a God, could be identified as pagan, as there is widespread religious practice of shamanism. Millions of people are spread over nine regions, many in isolated villages which have no road access, electricity, or internet connections. These conditions present serious challenges for those involved in evangelism.

However, God is at work and steady progress is being made to share the Gospel with unreached people groups. Two regions have been identified as strategic for reaching all the other areas of Far East Russia with the Gospel. In the regions of Yakutia and Khabarovsk, with their small evangelical nucleus, a core group has been formed for Bible training. Many of those attending classes are first-generation believers. Their enthusiasm and desire to serve God is heartwarming.

Avel Dorokhov supported by SGA
Avel and his family

Three SGA-sponsored missionary pastors are strategically evangelizing into new areas.

Avel Dorokhov, who relocated with his wife and family from Moscow, is reaching out into six villages. The most recent opening involves a 320km journey to where a group of believers meet.

He acknowledges that the second-hand car provided by SGA donors has made a significant contribution to his ministry.

I want to thank you once again for your help in purchasing a car. Every time I get behind the wheel, I thank God and you for such a blessing. If there was no car, I would have had to give up some trips to villages where people were waiting for me.

The spiritual fields of Far East Russia are white and ready for harvest but sadly ‘the labourers are few’. The urgent need is for Gospel-focused workers to help in the reaping. As part of SGA’s 70th anniversary celebrations, we want to help address this need by providing funds through our faithful supporters for those who are willing and ready to serve.

Two more missionaries have been identified for support: Grigoriy Andreyanov and Andrey Kuharenko. With their families, they are serving the Lord in the Khabarovsk region. While Grigoriy is from the region, Andrey moved from Ukraine in 2017, following a clear call from the Lord.

Kuharenko Family a
Andrey with his family
Andreyanov Family
Grigoriy with his family

Pastor Benjamin Levtseniuk, who is the regional pastor of the Khabarovsk Region, has a vision for Gospel expansion and a compassion for the lost and dying. His longing is to reach all people groups with the message of hope.

Pastor Stas Efimov, the regional pastor and leader of the new initiative in Yakutia region, points out that it is very difficult to reach the communities due to the vastness of the area and the inhospitable conditions.

‘Many can only be reached via winter roads or ice-covered rivers. The planes are a great help with the missionary flights.’

We are thankful to the Lord for sending Michael Tsvirinko back from the USA to Far East Russia. He is a qualified pilot and is pioneering the aviation part of this project. There are already three planes based in Far East Russia.

‘Reach Russia Now’ is a frontline ministry! People groups are being reached with the Gospel and progress is being made! Praise the Lord for spiritual fruit!