70 Years…70 More Workers

70 Years

Next year, 2020, Slavic Gospel Association [UK] will celebrate its 70th birthday!

The initial modest efforts of the infant Mission to bring encouragement and help to Eastern European people displaced by the Second World War and living in camps in England, Germany and Austria, were blessed by God.

The ministry blossomed and expanded by means of difficult and sometimes dangerous overland journeys through the Iron Curtain by SGA personnel. They brought humanitarian help and relief to believers, but also endeavoured to strengthen them spiritually by providing literature, by preaching, and later by providing vital training for church leaders.

This was the paramount need – an answer to the heart cry of the churches, for Communism had attempted to kill off the Church by strangling the leadership. When ‘freedom’ came in 1989, secretly organized Bible training ‘camps’ in out-of-the-way locations in Romania were replaced by structured ‘mission schools’ which were subsequently ‘exported’ to other countries. Biblical Leadership Training became the core ministry of SGA. In its relatively short history, the Mission has been at the forefront of the drive to train and equip missionaries and evangelists for this vital, Bible-validated ministry.

In most Eastern European countries there are very large communities, even cities, crying out for more ‘lights’ in the spiritual darkness. Constantly our friends there and in Central Asia remind us of great swathes of territory where the Gospel has hardly penetrated, if at all. Some of these regions are to be found, not in the far flung corners of our mission field, but virtually on our doorstep.

Take Poland, for example, where the vast majority of almost 2,500 municipalities (Polish ‘gminas’) have no evangelical witness whatsoever. Despite significant, some would say, striking progress in Moldova since the fall of Communism there, thousands of villages remain bereft of any permanent Gospel church.

In Central Asia the picture is the same, where not only villages and outlying areas are unevangelized, but densely-populated districts of large cities such as Almaty, Kazakhstan, whose population is in excess of two million.

There is no room for complacency on the part of God’s people when faced with such critical spiritual needs. The cry must always be ‘Forward!’ to penetrate these dark communities and win them for Christ.

SGA is committed to supporting the churches across the geographical spread of its ministry, as they confront this vast need. Therefore, in this 70th year of its ministry, a special ‘Anniversary Project’ has been launched. Its aim is to support the financing of an additional seventy evangelists and church planters to enable them to reach into communities still untouched by the Gospel – one for every year of the Mission’s ministry.

Existing church leaders across Eastern Europe and Central Asia have been asked to identify committed and zealous individual evangelists and church planters to benefit from this funding. They will outline to the Mission something of the pioneer ministry in which they have been or will be involved, so that we might not merely gather adequate finance for their support, but encourage a volume of informed and targeted prayer for God’s blessing on their efforts to expand the kingdom of God through the preaching of the Gospel. Each supported individual will be asked to supply regular reports of the ministry, and to identify issues for which prayer is particularly needed.

Nenad Kalaji Serbia
Nenad - Serbia
Dragon Firlovic Serbia
Dragan - Serbia

We are commanded to pray that the Lord of the harvest will send workers into the harvest field. We implore you to do that as the first and foundational step.

Praise God that already gifted and suitable men have been identified – Three in each of Slovakia and Serbia; Two each in Romania and Far East Russia; One in Poland; Five in Ukraine; Twelve in Central Asia! To fulfil their God-given ministry they need the support of fellow-believers who will invest financially in their labours, so that a great spiritual investment will be made for eternity.

Will you help us finance an additional seventy labourers for God’s harvest field? Will you covenant to pray and give to make our ‘70th Anniversary Project’ effective for the glory of Christ and the extension of His Kingdom?

Please Pray:

For 70 suitably gifted evangelists and church planters.

For God’s blessing on their efforts to expand the kingdom of God through the preaching of the Gospel.

For new church plants in communities where there is still no Gospel church.