70 Years of Service - 70 New Sponsored Servants

Next year, 2020, marks the seventieth anniversary of SGA[UK].

To celebrate this significant milestone in God’s faithful blessing of the ministry we are launching an exciting new initiative. We want to raise financial support for seventy new Christian workers in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Far East Russia.

With God’s help and your partnership, we will enable His servants to fulfil their God-given calling.

Here are some of the Christian workers we plan to sponsor in Central Asia, and whose lives and ministries will be enhanced by your involvement with them.

From Kazakhstan

10. Mukhin, Nikolay
Nikolay Mukhin
11. Dzhanburshinov, Ivan
Ivan Dshanburshinov
1. Tolekeev, Galym
Galym Tolekeev
9. Pashenko Dmitry 1
Dimitry Pashenko

From Tajikistan

Tajikistan Flag
6. Murodov, Sulajmon
Sulajmon Murodov
3. Ermatov, Sobir
Sobir Ermatov
4. Shakhobdzhonov, Ikrom
Ikrom Shakhobzhonov
7. Vorontsov, Alexander
Alexander Voronzov

Would you like to be a part of “70 Missionary Pastors” by praying and giving?