Power in Persecution

In response to the threat of extremism, governments in Central Asia place restrictions on religious freedom which directly affect evangelical Christians. The majority of these believers are first-generation Christians and do not have a heritage of Christianity from which they can draw when facing difficulties.

SGA sponsors TWR’s Power in Persecution, a series of fifty-two fifteen-minute programmes in Russian, complete with testimonies and biblical teaching on persecution. The aim is to encourage persecuted believers as well as to create prayer partners among the global church. PiP is broadcast each Saturday evening on medium wave and streamed via the internet. It is also distributed on CD. In a recent development the programme has been translated into the Uzbek language.

There has been much encouraging feedback. One listener shared about her long-term health problems but continued:

‘I’ve heard about this radio programme from a friend and bought a radio receiver… I found it and started to listen. Even though the signal is not clear sometimes, these programmes helped me to come back to life. I started to search for believers. I thought that there were no believers in my village and was surprised when I found a pastor of the house church located in the area… I was searching for a believer, but I found a church. Thanks Lord, thank you for this radio programme.’

In preparation for our 70th anniversary, TWR-UK has produced a series of thirteen weekly programmes about the history, development and current ministries of SGA[UK].
Our ‘story’ will be told through a series of interviews with staff and our partners overseas. Guests will include Paul Negrut, Beni Faragau, Peter Mihalciuk, Henryk Dedo, Gerhard Friesen and many more!
Paul Negrut
Ben and Norah Faragau May 18 a
Peter Mil
Henryk Dedo 02
The programme – ‘SGA Reaching the Slavic World’ – will be aired at 7am on Saturdays, repeated 7pm on Sundays commencing 5 October.
It can be heard on Sky channel 0138, Freesat channel 790 and Freeview HD channel 733 and at www.twr.org.uk
Each episode will also be available immediately after broadcast as a podcast at www.twr.org.uk/ondemand