A Summer of Gospel Camps

Summer is here and SGA[UK] supported churches across Eastern Europe and Central Asia are finalizing plans for their summer camps. As in the UK, it is becoming more difficult to get children and young people into church or even into groups targeted at their own age. Nevertheless, these annual summer camps still retain their attraction. Most will be completely full this summer, with over half of those attending coming from non-Christian homes.

Some churches and denominations are blessed to have purchased their own campsites. Many have been helped financially in one way or another by SGA[UK]. We see such great spiritual value and potential in camp ministry.

We thank God for the many helpers at all these camps.

The campsite in Tekeris, Serbia, owned jointly by the Bread of Life organization and several Belgrade churches, continues to be developed. It is a special place and provides a real treat for young people to come away from city life and enjoy time in the countryside. In Rakitovo, Bulgaria, where they have no camp site, Stefan and Mira Zarevi take young people up into the nearby mountains to sleep under canvas and to learn about Jesus under the stars!

Tents at Tekeris Camp in Serbia

Many camps are in isolated parts of the country, and the ‘power and influence’ of the mobile phone is literally ‘cut-off’, giving the opportunity for conversation and friendships to be formed face to face and not through Facebook or Snapchat etc! The young people discover a new freedom, one that the mobile phone has taken from them.

No Phones

Every camp is Gospel focused with both larger meetings with all campers attending, and then smaller groups where questions can be asked and answered, where prayer requests can be made and prayers offered.

We thank God for the many helpers at all these camps. Often this is their first taste of Christian leadership. Their camp experiences often lead to greater commitment to God and the undertaking of further leadership roles in the future.

camp youth bible

The summer camp programmes need to be bathed in prayer, for in the past some authorities have sought to hinder God’s work. Please pray for God’s protection against such interference.
In addition, several camps will have some young people with acute needs, and others with behavioural problems. Pray for the leaders to be patient, loving and caring towards them, showing Christlikeness always.

Undoubtedly, as in previous years, many young people will make decisions to give their lives to Jesus and for others it may be a time of re-committing to the Lord. Please ask Jesus to touch many lives this summer. Pray also for the follow-up work after the camps have finished.