Snapshot - Summer

Ministry Updates: The Work Continues!

Through the generosity of our UK partners, SGA continues to equip God’s servants for Gospel ministry in many different ways. In addition to our ongoing commitments, some recent examples of new funding and developments include:

Two new missionary pastors have been added to the Leadership Support Programme in Far East Russia. Andrey Kuharenko and Grigorly Andreyanov are currently serving the Lord in the Khabarovsk Krai region of Far East Russia.

Alexander Kiriakov, director of Almaty Bible Institute in Kazakhstan has recently received funds to replace his old car. Alexander travels extensively in his preaching and teaching ministry. A reliable car will be a great help as he serves the Church throughout his region. Cezary Komisarz and Jacek Duda (Poland) and Avram Dega (Serbia) have also been helped to replace their ageing cars.

Funds have been sent for the reprint of 12 Pillars of Faith in Macedonian. In previous years these studies on the fundamentals of the Christian faith were widely used for evangelism and the building up of God’s people in their faith. The need of a reprint illustrates their popularity and effectiveness.

Four more motorbikes have been provided for Gospel workers serving the Lord in the villages surrounding the city of Balti in Moldova.

25 Not Out!

We are pleased to announce the publication of our latest book. Written by John Birnie, ‘25 Not Out’ tells the story of SGA’s ministry in Moldova and outlines God’s remarkable blessing from the inception of the work in 1993. With accounts of practical challenges, humbling experiences of revival and personal anecdotes, this book seeks to inform the mind, warm the heart and give God the glory for all that has been done.

Priced at £3.00 + p&p, the book is now available from our website, office or local SGA representative.

25 Not Out Front Cover Large a

SGA on PrayerMate App

‘Fire is a good servant but a bad master’. The same could be said about technology. However, Christians have not been slow to realise the potential of technology and put it to good use. PrayerMate is an award-winning free app for smartphones and tablets. Its aim is to help you to be organized and bring all your prayer points in one place. We are pleased to report that SGA is now listed among the World Missionary organizations and you can subscribe and receive our Prayer Bulletin requests each day direct to your phone or tablet. We trust this will be a great help to our many faithful prayer partners.

Faith & Science: Can They Go Together?

Dr Ivan Grozdanov continues his extensive literature ministry in Macedonia with the release of his latest book Faith & Science: Can They Go Together. Explaining the motivation behind this book, he writes, ‘My latest book …is challenging the wrong paradigm widely taught in our educational system, that science and faith are two opposites and one should do away with faith in God and follow science only…. This book aims to show that there is no conflict between science and faith, as each serves different aspects of human needs. It goes on to show that faith has a higher priority in our lives than science, as it has to do with our deepest inner needs that science is not qualified to meet.’
Ivan explains that this book will be used widely among students and academics. Please pray for God’s blessing on this important resource.

Faith and Science cover