Networking and Communicating

Networking helps bring together mission-minded churches and mission agencies operating in different parts of the world. When a mission is active on the ground or has national believers coordinating its ministries, information is always available that is relevant and reliable. Along with new developments and expanding ministries, SGA tries to use every opportunity to share about God’s blessings in former communist countries. Thirty years after the demise of communism, SGA is still presented with many new opportunities for Gospel outreach. Visiting church fellowships to inform them of these exciting opportunities is a joy and privilege for SGA staff members.

It is our desire that deputation meetings should not be just about promoting the ministry of the Mission but that church fellowships will be blessed and encouraged through our reports and ministry. It is an opportunity for congregations to focus on God’s harvest field and rejoice that He is still building His church and to pray informatively and fervently for the work of God worldwide. We give thanks to God for all who have a prayer burden for the work of SGA, but we would like to share your burdens too. Please do not hesitate to let us know how we can be praying for you.

The Mission exists to serve the churches of Central & Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and Far East Russia. We are very aware that the existence and effectiveness of ministry in the different countries in which we serve is due to the prayer ministry and practical aid offered by faithful supporters here at home. One of our goals during planned 70th Anniversary celebrations next year is to strengthen our home support base by adding 70 new church fellowships to it. We would be delighted if you were able to help us see this materialize by networking across the UK and Ireland.

SGA staff members are always ready to participate in any event (ladies, youth, church leaders etc.) which offers an opportunity to communicate all that God is doing, and to glorify His Name. They regularly visit different countries and have exciting and up-to-date news to share. Feel free to contact your SGA representative or call the Head Office for a suitable date to be arranged.

May God guide and enable you to play an even greater part in world mission! Other opportunities to support God’s work through SGA include the possibility of becoming a Voluntary Representative or Prayer Group Co-ordinator, distributing Breakthrough in your church, planning an itinerary etc. Do get in touch with the Rugby Office if any of these roles are of interest to you!

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Speaker Preacher

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