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This year SGA is committed to funding a Romanian translation of Derek Prime’s classic book, Pastors and Teachers: The Calling and Work of Christ’s Under-Shepherds. The task will be undertaken by Dinu Moga at Faclia Publishing House in Oradea. This is an important book for those training for the ministry in Emanuel University in Oradea, where it will be used as a compulsory text, and also for those already in ministry.

Derek Prime points out that pastors and teachers are ‘Christ’s special gifts’ to His Church. It is not surprising therefore, that the book is rich in pastoral advice and important lessons, with chapters devoted to the under-shepherd’s calling, life and character, goals, priorities, devotional life and so on. It also has invaluable advice about studying, reading and preaching, the latter very timely, when one considers how unpopular preaching has become in many places today.

It is the author’s desire that those called by God to be under-shepherds realise that theirs is a ‘vocation’ and not a job. He quotes FB Meyer on this matter, who regarded the Christian ministry as the ‘noblest aim in life’, in contrast to the professionalism that can be a snare to many today. 

‘Immediately, it became clear to me and to a few other pastors that this book fits very well with the culture and theology of our churches. It’s biblical, very well researched, warm-hearted and written for the glory of God. I am certain that many other theological schools and colleges from Romania will embrace this book and will use it for their courses in pastoral theology. That is the case with all the teaching books we produced so far.’
Dinu, sharing his excitement
Pastors & Teachers FC

Pray that this book will be a great blessing and stimulus to many in Romania, especially the students who read it in the University. Translation commenced in March and it will be available for printing this October.

Stuart Olyott book update

We are pleased to report that Stuart Olyott’s book What the Bible Teaches About the Person of Christ funded by SGA in 2018, has been well received and ordered by all the Christian book shops and churches who organise various teaching activities in Romania.

Dinu commented, ‘This is a book which we greatly needed’.

Thank you for your support of SGA’s literature ministry in E. Europe.

book cover
Dane & Melita

Serbia literature update

Pray for Dane and Melita Vidovic, our friends in Belgrade, Serbia, who are heading up the translation projects supported by SGA. We are pleased to report that John Stott’s Book of Acts is being used now as a house group study guide in a number of locations, and some fifty copies have made their way into Croatia where they are being sold. Bruce Milne’s Know the Truth has also been printed and distributed.


Please pray for Dane’s small team of helpers, some of whom had difficult situations to contend with last year, which interrupted the translation of two further books funded by SGA, Goldsworthy’s According to God’s Plan, and Stott’s The Cross of Christ. Goldsworthy is now in the process of layout work, and the translation of Stott’s book is presently being edited.

Please pray that these books might soon be completed and be a means of blessing to the churches in Serbia.