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From Derek Maxwell

In our postmodern ‘Information Age’ even those of us with fairly placid lifestyles find ourselves increasingly bombarded with digital news, views, and opinions. This is largely due to the rapid development of modern communication technology and often leading to what has been termed ‘information overload’. We are grateful however, that despite its drawbacks, this advance in technology is making possible the communication of the Gospel to unreached people groups across the world.

In Biblical times God had His own means of getting information to those who needed to hear. During the Babylonian captivity, while 800 miles away from the City of Jerusalem, Nehemiah received a message informing him of his people in desolation and the city in devastation. No electronic communication devices or mobile phones, but Nehemiah was informed!

The catastrophic news (Neh. 1:3) must have been heart-breaking for the prophet. His people were being criticized and slandered by their enemies, and the city’s protective walls lay in ruins. Something needed to be done and yet nothing would have been done had not Nehemiah first heard the news! Today God wants us to hear something! God wants us to hear of the challenge of the spiritual harvest fields, the need for workers and about the opportunities that are available through different means and methods. God’s communication begins with the head!

It is estimated that 3 billion of the world’s present population of 7.2 billion people live in unreached people groups which have little or no access to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In the Slavic regions in which SGA serves, there are millions who have no contact with the Good News.

Why should anyone hear the Gospel twice, before everyone has heard it once?
Oswald J. Smith

Through our publications and media outlets we endeavour to keep the Christian public fully informed of the needs of our ‘mission field’. In this issue of Breakthrough, you will be informed about the impact of camp ministry and means being used to reach Central Asia with its diverse cultures.

Together we can engage with God’s mission and find our place in His purposes for the world. It is SGA’s desire to be part of a growing network of biblically-based church fellowships which are dynamically involved in local and global mission. You can be informed of how YOU may be involved in helping SGA to network and communicate, so that many more churches and individuals will be informed of the blessings of God’s work and the great needs that still exist.

In the ‘information overloaded’ world in which we serve God today we need to be increasingly wary of the danger of allowing vital information about God’s mission in God’s world to become ‘fogbound’ or even lost in the whirlwind of modern digital communication. Nehemiah’s primary concern was for people who needed God’s mercy and grace. Like Nehemiah our first concern must also be for those who are cut off from God and spiritually dead. May we have a deep desire to hear about mission worldwide and to interest others so that they also will be informed!