Out with the Old…in with the New

Near to the city of Balti, at a place called Sadavoe was a disused, dilapidated Communist camp-site. Children in the past hated attending these camps, even though they were free of charge.

Some believers from Bethany Church in Balti visited the camp-site and saw real potential. A vision to buy and rejuvenate this place captivated their hearts. To be able to have a Christian camp-site where young people could hear the gospel and experience Christian love. The believers prayed earnestly to God to make the impossible possible! The asking price was made known but was beyond the church’s means. After SGA [UK] heard of the vision and saw the great potential, a financial gift was sent to enable the believers to buy the camp-site in 2010. A new name followed, ‘Bethany Camp’.

For many years now, people have given of their time and skills to modernise the site, and today the facilities are so much improved and well used. Even during these improvement years, Christian camps were held each summer.

The longer-term goal is to use this wonderful resource all year round by churches and groups planning training days and conferences or retreats. The current plan is to finish the renovation work in the newly purchased cabins and to have an artificial football field, when funds permit.

SGA’s latest help toward Bethany Camp was the purchase of a new minibus to assist with transportation to and from the site.

Bethany Camp Minibus & Team

Camp Director, Timotei Grama and his wife Olga live on-site during the summer and oversee the day to day business, as well as the summer camps programme. Olga is currently attending the Bible School in Balti. Timotei is a former student.

Timotei Grama
Olga Grama
Last summer during eighty-six camp days nearly 2,000 young people were present, along with others whose ages ranged from 8 to 80 years. Over half the campers came from non-Christian homes. There was even a camp for pensioners!
Bethany Camp
Bethany Camp Elderly Group
Bethany Camp Group
Group time

Every person had the opportunity to hear the Gospel at the evening meetings and during smaller group times. One camp theme was, ‘My heart- the house of Christ’. We praise God that young people were saved, receiving new life in Jesus. One leader said, ‘The young people were praying prayers of repentance, through tears and sobbing’. Another leader said, ‘We have known God’s helping hand throughout and the wonderful presence of the Holy Spirit’.

Many campers left very happy after a great week of making new friends, trying new activities, and learning about Jesus and the Christian life. No doubt they will be booking their place for summer 2019!

Once the campers leave, they are not forgotten. For those who made a commitment there is a Bible correspondence course. The camp leaders regard it as a privilege to follow-up each person with letters and an invitation to their nearest church.Bethany Camp is a wonderful place with the Gospel at its heart.

Please continue to pray for this fruitful ministry, for Timotei and Olga’s leadership, the preparations for this summer, and for the dedicated leaders and precious campers.