A Bird’s Eye View

To say that SGA’s ministry in Moldova is multifaceted is an understatement. It has been likened to a pebble dropped in a pond, whose ripples are continuing, reaching out to touch more and more people through developing channels of ministry. It seems that each year brings with it further means and methods by which God’s people can witness to their neighbours, and which SGA through the generosity of its supporters is able to support and sustain.

Fact File: Moldova
Population: 3.3 million.
Economy: Europe’s poorest nation.
Employment: 43% on average (from 2000 to 2018)
Government: A multi-party system of government. Legislative power is vested in the Parliament.
Religion: The Orthodox Church has a strong influence.
SGA Mission School graduates: 13 groups of students. 300 graduates in the last 25 years.
Churches planted: In 1994 there was 1 evangelical church for every 15 small towns/villages; in 2016 there was 1 evangelical church for every 4 small towns/villages.
Widows Ministry: 140–150 widows receive help for medicine, food and wood (for fuel) every year. Houses of Prayer provided: approx. 27 churches received help to buy, reconstruct or build new Houses of Prayer. 6 portable halls provided. 16 missionary pastors funded. 23 Mission School students sponsored.
Motorbikes: 62 provided to missionary pastors.
People seen by the medical teams each year: Every year more than 700 people receive medical help (a medical examination and medicine package).

Getting Men Moving Project

In recent years we have been thrilled by the response to our ‘Getting Men Moving’ project, and its follow-up ‘Gospel on the Move’. It is impossible to describe adequately the immense value this has been to faithful Christian workers whose desire is to reach out ever more widely to unevangelized communities, but our supporters have caught the vision and funding continues to come in to continue this very practical support ministry.

Medical Ministry

Medical Mission evangelism is another aspect of SGA’s involvement which has thrilled and excited us. Just at the time when the first sponsors of this work gave notice that they were withdrawing support, SGA had taken a decision to become involved, and in the providence of God ‘took up the slack’. This was to the very great delight and joy of Peter Mihalchiuk and the medical team who were fearing that they would have to greatly curtail or even cease this ministry. Many hundreds of people have been helped physically, but even more importantly many have been brought to spiritual health through this very practical way of sharing the love of Christ.

Widows Ministry

 What can we say of the Widows‘ Project? The response to this has, and continues to be, magnificent. For almost twenty years now, substantial financial help has been offered each year to hundreds of widows for whom it has often been a lifeline! Local pastors and church leaders distribute the gifts to widows in their communities and as they visit, they encourage and strengthen believing widows, and witness to those who are still unbelievers. Joy has been brought to widows’ hearts, and in many cases the joy of heaven itself.

Recent involvement in a small orphanage in the large village of Riscani has resulted in rich blessings to many. SGA supports Victor and Aliona Shushkevich who are house-parents of twelve children and young people, in a family-type arrangement. Victor is also the pastor of the local Church. He and his son Grisha are graduates of the Balti Mission School, and daughter Veronika is part of the current class of students.

The Shushkevich family have been so encouraged by the results of their ministry to these young people. A number of them have been converted and are active in the church, to the great delight and blessing of the small congregation there. It is a ‘win-win’ situation all round: the orphans have been helped and blessed; the Shushkevich family have witnessed God’s help in special ways in their challenging responsibilities; the local church is thrilled to have young life in its midst and to watch some of them grow spiritually; and SGA is privileged to be a part of such a project.

Our brief ‘bird’s eye view’ of some parts of SGA’s Moldova ministry causes us once more to say:

‘To God be the glory, great things He has done!’