A Servant Heart

Author & Pastor Ben Faragau with his wife Nora

The Faragau family have had a long and fruitful friendship with SGA. On a recent visit to the Faragau home, Ben related how he had attended Bible teaching by SGA staff in 1972. From that time a strong, lasting partnership developed that has been enriched and blessed by God.
Many of our readers will be aware that this family has had their share of disappointments and sorrows. The passing of their son Filip was a great loss and that loss is still felt keenly today. Filip was an integral part of Ben’s literature ministry and a much-valued Bible teacher in SGA Mission Schools.
Over the years SGA staff have observed how this family has focused on serving God and others. From their servant hearts have flowed blessings to those they reach out to help. Ben, along with other church members, continues to reconstruct houses for destitute families. This project has proved to be a great blessing in breaking down walls of opposition in communities, as people see practical Christianity in action. During severe flooding in south Romania, Ben and Filip organized work teams to construct homes and install stoves provided by funds from SGA.

Casa Filip 2
Violeta F

While Filip was receiving treatment in hospital, he and his wife, Violeta, became aware of a pressing need – accommodation for cancer patients receiving treatment in the area. They watched as patients who were receiving treatment slept in vehicles in the hospital car park due to the high cost of accommodation in the city.

Today, in memory of Filip, a beautiful house has been opened, offering accommodation to cancer patients and their families for the duration of their treatment. The account of God’s provision for this house is simply amazing, as finances were miraculously secured, furnishings provided, and the project completed! ‘Casa Filip’ is a monument to God’s love, care, and provision for all.

Casa Filip G3
Casa Filip Rooms
Casa Filip Logo
Casa Filip G1

Filip’s young widow, Violeta, is not only involved in supervising ‘Casa Filip’ but is also co-founder of ‘Preventis’, an organization seeking to prevent the abuse of drugs through school visits, public awareness campaigns, mentoring, and individual sessions. From small beginnings, this organization has grown to eight full-time members of staff and many volunteers. The mentoring programme has recently doubled and school requests for visits have increased. Violeta’s desire is that those with addictions will not only recover from their dependence, but be drawn to God.

Another major part of this family’s ministry is addressing the need for Christian literature. Over the years, Ben has published forty Bible commentaries. The most recent include commentaries on Zechariah and Thessalonians. Samuel Cristian, an SGA-sponsored missionary pastor, is producing the children’s version of these commentaries.
Some years ago, Ben was diagnosed with a degenerative eye disease, which resulted in severe sight loss. He is very thankful that his eyesight has not deteriorated over the past eight years, something he acknowledges as a complete miracle. Ben is determined to ‘use his eyesight to the last drop’ to produce Bible material. This is a real struggle for him as he can read only one letter at a time on a large screen. However, he continues with the Lord’s help.
God has enabled this inspirational family to continue through many difficulties and disappointments. They have accomplished much in the strength of the Lord.

We commend them to your prayers as they continue in their service for Him.