Seeds on Good Soil

Thousands of young people attend Christian camps across Eastern Europe and Central Asia, supported by SGA [UK]. Many come from non-Christian homes. We have received wonderful reports of how God has touched many lives. The following are two reports from our friends in Poland and Kazakhstan.

The town of Marylin was the venue for Voice of the Gospel’s eleven-day summer camp entitled ‘Old School 2018’. SGA provided funds to enable fifty young people to attend. Most of these participants were troubled young people with challenging emotional struggles. Some were living with clinical depression and bipolar disorders; others were under court supervision because of confrontations with the police. A few were children of immigrants who had fled the military conflict in Ukraine.

Throughout the eleven days we had our hands full and faced several cases in which, despite having more than twenty years of experience in this kind of missionary work, we were left helpless. Yet the Lord, by His grace, kept bringing good from each difficult situation, in such a way that left us amazed and speechless, with deep admiration for His glory.
Henryk Dedo, Voice of the Gospel

Every morning in small group sessions the Word of God was studied, with a focus on the Ten Commandments. At other times a variety of speakers gave gospel talks: ‘What am I living for?’; ‘Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also’; ‘To love and to be loved’. Over thirty young people committed themselves to God, confessing their sins and offering their lives to Jesus. Each one received a Bible and books with instruction about Christian discipleship.
The following are some quotes from participants in the camp:

When I go back home, I will apologize to my parents because I didn’t show them due respect so far.
At the camp I believed that I’m not just some cosmic accident or something. I realized that I was created by God…I should see my value in God.
I received so much from God. I came here full of ideas, grudges and anger and I am leaving like someone with a successful transplant – one with a grateful heart.

SGA’s friends in Almaty Bible Institute held two children’s camps, one on the Institute campus, the other in the nearby mountains. Emmanuel church organized a youth and a family camp, as well as three ‘one day’ holiday clubs which reached a total of 140 young people.
Various talks were given, such as ‘How to be reconciled with God’; ‘What is salvation?’; ‘Can we solve the problem of sin?’. These challenged hearts and minds. The seed of God’s Word again found good soil in the hearts of many children and young people. All forty-three children in the mountain camp wonderfully repented and received Christ. A good number from other camps also trusted Jesus as their personal Saviour. This brought such great joy to the faithful camp leaders.

Thank God for His love and grace to these young campers.

Please pray for ongoing follow-up and discipleship of the new believers.

Pray the preparation for 2019's camps and for SGA’s involvement too!