Biblical Training - A Crucial Investment

Theological education is going to be a priority if we think the Word of God is a priority. What we think the major issues are in the world, is what we are going to invest in.

This is how one church leader assessed the importance of training men and women for Gospel ministry. SGA wholeheartedly agrees, and for this reason our Biblical Leadership Training programme has been at the centre of much of what we do in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. It began covertly during the 1970s, secretly hidden away from the prying eyes of the Communist officials in Romania, and has grown and developed in many surprising and wonderful ways. Yet its aim remains the same – to produce leaders who are faithful to God’s Word and equipped to reach their own people with the Gospel. In order to achieve this aim much time and money is invested in people, for we believe that the training of church leaders is critical for the establishment and nurture of healthy churches. Almost seventy years of SGA’s ministry has reinforced one important principle again and again – godly leaders are the key to godly churches.

While the aim and principles have remained unchanged, the means of achieving this aim have often varied. SGA’s own Mission Schools continue to be organized in a number of countries across Eastern Europe, where the students are taken through a comprehensive and challenging curriculum made up of subjects with which students in any UK Bible College would be familiar. Additionally, SGA staff members feed into existing training programmes established by churches in Kazakhstan and Ukraine. Furthermore, students from Central Asia, Ukraine and Romania are sponsored to attend other established training institutions. The desire is that this flexible approach will result in as many people as possible receiving the training they need for real life ministry.

We must give God the glory for what He is doing, and we rejoice that He has been pleased to use SGA’s investment in the lives and ministries of its Mission School students

What have been the results of this approach? Looking back over the years we can only be amazed at what God has done through His people, and at the staggering variety of ministries in which past and present students are now involved. Church planters and evangelists have broken new ground and reached many new people with the Gospel. New pastors have shepherded and discipled their people. Youth workers are reaching a new generation with the Gospel. Christian authors are providing invaluable resources for their people for years to come. SGA students are going into prisons, organizing and supervising camps, working among drug addicts, teaching in Bible Schools, distributing the Scriptures, caring for orphans and vulnerable children, revitalizing older churches – and so the list goes on. We must give God the glory for what He is doing, and we rejoice that He has been pleased to use SGA’s investment in the lives and ministries of its Mission School students to such great and wide-ranging effect. It emphatically underlines the importance of this ministry and what results from prayerful investment in people.

Roma School 1

We encourage you to continue to pray for this Biblical Leadership Training programme. By its very nature, the fruit of such a ministry may take time to grow. Nevertheless we are convinced that fruit will come. Pray therefore that God will use this work and continue to surprise us by what He is doing through His own people.