Making The Widow’s Heart Sing

Ukraine Widow

It is shocking to hear that in the United Kingdom many elderly people feel isolated and uncared for. The elderly can so easily be neglected and disrespected by society. According to recent crime figures (Sep. 2018) physical assaults on elderly people are on the rise.

Christians can and should make a difference to the lives of elderly people. We see this across most of the countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia in which SGA is at work. The most vulnerable group are widows and widowers, who daily struggle to live on a very low income.

What a privilege and joy it is for SGA to minister in an ongoing way to such people. Each year over 800 widows are helped through the generous giving and prayers of our supporters. With the help of local churches in countries such as Serbia, Romania and Ukraine, aid is distributed, love and fellowship are shown, the Gospel is proclaimed, and prayer is offered for and with widows.

Biljana and Danka
Bread of Life worker visiting widows
Vidosava Widow
Vidosava, a widow in Belgrade, Serbia

Our ‘Bread of Life’ friends in Belgrade, Serbia, have an established fruitful ministry to the elderly, and especially to widows.

Vidosava is seventy-two, living as a tenant with a minimal pension. She suffers with asthma, high blood pressure and heart disease. A BOL carer visits her regularly, monitoring her health and delivering her necessary medication.

Vidosava’s low income and consequent inability to pay her rent means she could not survive without monthly assistance. She sends her thanks to SGA supporters who assist in her daily needs.

Bread of Life also have several handymen who can assist the needy with practical tasks in their homes.

BOL Handyman

Widows in Eastern Ukraine find themselves trapped near the war zone, where fighting has gone on for over four years. Their daily existence is tough and heart-breaking. More than 10,000 people have lost their lives. SGA is helping local churches to bring some help and comfort to widows there. A number have received electric heaters to help keep one room in their homes warm and comfortable. Gifts of food and other necessities have been gratefully received. The knowledge that people care and are praying for them helps to ease burdens.

Lyubov, aged eighty-nine, and living on a meagre pension says, ‘Life has not been easy, but the Lord is with us from our youth to our old age. I have buried my son and my youngest daughter. My husband died twenty-five years ago. In January 2017 I suffered a massive heart attack.’ Yet Lyubov’s trust in God remains.

I am praising and thanking God for everything. I believe He will not let me down. He has grace and mercy. He is faithful and the best friend ever.
Tatiana Widow

Life for Tatiana dramatically changed in June 2015 when her husband Alexander, a war hero in the Ukrainian army, was killed. Her son Alexander (Jnr) was only three months old at the time. The care and responsibility for the children was all upon Tatiana. At first she managed to work to feed her family, but when her mother became seriously ill, she was forced to stop work to care for her. SGA’s financial help for Tatiana and her children is vital.

Prayer Points

Pray for SGA’s ministry to widows across Eastern Europe.

Pray for Vidosava, Tatiana & Lyubov.