Amazing Provision!

Anniversaries offer a wonderful opportunity to look back and give thanks and praise to God. During June 2018 special events were held in Grace church, Odessa, Ukraine to celebrate twenty-five years of God’s provision and faithfulness! For most of those years, SGA [UK] has partnered in several projects, one of which reached its completion and took central stage in the anniversary celebrations!

In 2000 the first orphan family was established with twenty-one children (fifteen boys and six girls). This number eventually grew to thirty-six children, who were all affectionately cared for by SGA sponsored house-parents, Peter and Lidia Dovbya. As these children grew into young adulthood, many became believers and began to serve the Lord in the church. However, due to legal restrictions, adults aged eighteen plus are not permitted to live in an orphanage. Grace Church was confronted with a huge challenge! What would they do with the vulnerable youth in their care? The congregation began to pray and trust God to provide for this great need. Miraculously, prayer was answered, and ground was provided for the Transition House. Construction work began and with the determination of local believers, financial help from SGA and others, and the invaluable contribution from practical work teams, God wonderfully brought this project to its conclusion. Fourteen years on, the Transition House is now home for twenty-one young adults, with a capacity for sixty.

Andrew & Ina Dovdnya and family b
Andrew & Ina with their family
Sergey & Maria Shikin with family
Sergey & Maria with their family

With three floors for accommodation, a basement for recreation, and a large attic for fellowship and worship, this building provides remarkable living space. The first house-parents at the Shelter, Peter and Lidia Dovbya, have a supervisory role in the Transition House. When they and those that remained of the first orphan family moved into the Transition House, Grace Church members began to pray that God would provide new house-parents for the Shelter. Praise God that he provided three couples who take care of forty-one children! A further couple, Victor and Olesya Krohinov, provide care for six needy children in their own home.

Peter & Lydia Dovbya Transition House
House Parents, Peter & Lidia Dovbya
Olesya and Victor Krohinov family1
Victor & Olesya with their family

These couples are all SGA sponsored house-parents caring and providing for children who have come from difficult circumstances. Now these children are under the influence of godly house-parents and attend an evangelical church. God’s ‘amazing provision’ again! The Transition House serves as interim accommodation for the young adults, between living in the Shelter and finding their own permanent housing. A wonderful accommodation cycle has been established!

What a future these children and young adults have as they surrender their lives to Jesus Christ and exchange their poverty, rejection and homelessness for the joy of being accepted, loved, and appreciated – and above all, enjoying Christ’s riches for time and eternity!

We give thanks to God for His amazing provision!