Who Cares?

John & Dorthy

From John Birnie

If a brother or sister is naked and destitute of daily food and one of you says to them, ‘Depart in peace, be warmed and filled’; But you do not give them the things which are needed for the body, what does it profit?

The apostle James is direct and hard-hitting as he treats the whole issue of practical Christian care. A professed faith in Christ which does not issue in loving, practical ministry to those in need, is a faith which is barren. A ‘faith’ which minimizes or ignores the needs of others is shown up to be counterfeit.

This truth undergirds the Crisis Response ministry of SGA. Our primary object is to teach God’s Word and assist God’s people to preach and testify to the saving power of the Gospel of Christ, but SGA has always sought to care for the ‘whole person’. The spiritual health of people is paramount, but James insists that Biblical religion also addresses people’s physical and material needs. From the earliest demanding overland journeys through the Iron Curtain, Gospel love has been expressed in practical care alongside the preaching and teaching of the Bible’s message of salvation in Christ.

Today that continues to hold true. At every level SGA’s ministry has developed and grown, from the expansion of Mission Schools throughout the countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia, to wide-ranging practical support for ministers of the Gospel, widows and orphans and other vulnerable needy groups in society, emergency relief in flood and war situations. The variety of ways in which SGA is involved underlines the remarkable quality and quantity of care offered.

Financial support offered each year to over 800 widows

Widow Village

Support for orphan ministry through direct financial help, provision of buildings and other resources, regular financial support for Christian house parents

Tranisition House July 2015
Moldova students (4)

Substantial investment for the support of pastors, evangelists and church planters, and those in training for ministry

12 Motorbikes + John & Peter

The provision of church buildings, and transport in the form of motorbikes and cars for Christian workers

Investment in ministry ‘tools’, particularly books and mini-libraries presented to students, and the financing of good books and publications

Books for Students a

Support for the invaluable ministry of Emanuel Christian University, Oradea, and Odessa Seminary, Ukraine

Emanuel graduation
Camp Cardio 5

Gifts and grants for the organization and development of camp work among children and young people

Addiction a

Ministry to those trapped in alcohol and drug addiction and to other vulnerable groups in society

Aid forwarded in emergency situations to relieve immediate needs, and to begin to repair and build for the future

Children receiving food at the centre
SGA channels its humanitarian support to, and through local churches and their leaders, with whom a deep relationship of trust has been built over the years. In several countries SGA works in partnership with ‘sister’ mission agencies whose heartbeat for the Gospel and care for the needy is identical, such as Bread of Life in Serbia and Bibel-Mission in Central Asia.