Here am I, send me

Mark Sipos is an extraordinary young pastor. Coming from a broken family, he became a broken teenager, and experienced enough pain in his early life to put him off church and God. Breaking point came when his parents separated. God was at work, however, and had plans for him. During this time of personal heartache his grandparents invited him to a Gospel service. He was given a Bible and started to read it.

Mark first encountered SGA in 2007 at the Mission School in Bicske. The teaching there was strong and practical. It was the start of a relationship with SGA, and inspiration for future mission and ministry. During his studies at university Mark saw the need for a ‘pastor’ for the students, and the need for Biblical witness and discipleship. At this time not many churches were equipped for such a task, and Mark believed a new church was needed.

In 2008 Mark was involved in a team sent out from ‘New Hope Church’ in Debrecen to plant a church in the city of Szeged. The fledgling church immediately went to work, reaching out to students from many different backgrounds. It began to grow, and training and equipping were needed to prepare the new converts for a lifetime of service to God and effectiveness in mission. Mark was struggling to establish this, and so approached his friends at SGA to help. In 2012 the SGA Mission School commenced in the city of Szeged. Mark, as a Mission School graduate was aware of how this should operate. He was the key man on the ground, to fill the role of Mission School Director.

Mark & Csilla

‘SGA helps develop the faith of the new believers and prepares a new generation of believers to be leaders ready and fit to do God’s work’.
Mark Sipos

The work of the school is vital for the churches' short-term and long-term strategy. The present school has thirty-two students from five different churches in the city. As well as providing training it is helping to build bridges and strong relationships among believers in the city.

This young pastor has dreams for the future. He would like the church at Szeged to grow and become a mother church, a mission centre. Ultimately mission and church-planting are fundamental to Mark’s ministry. His hope, with God’s guiding, is to plant churches in Hungary, and also across the border into Serbia.

As the church has grown, so has the level of respect it has gained in the city, including the university, which has invited the church to take part in official programmes for foreign students.

Mark is supported by his wife Csilla and has a young family. He has recently been added to SGA’s Leadership Support programme. Pray for him as he leads the church and prepares for future mission and church-plants. Isaiah 6:8 ‘Here am I; send me’ spoke to Mark and prepared his heart to serve God. Now he prepares the hearts of others to hear the call, and to respond.

The Church in Szeged