The Gospel is Still on the Move!

The SGA ‘Gospel on the Move’ video begins with these words: 'There has always been a need for the transport of those involved in the work of God’s Kingdom. From donkey and ship, to car and plane, God’s servants have always used the most appropriate form of transport…' In Moldova, for pastors and missionaries trying to negotiate very poor road conditions, motorbikes are the answer.

By the middle of 2018 about forty brothers had been given a motorbike. The majority of these were in ministry in north Moldova, the exceptions being two brothers from Ukraine who were former students of the Mission School, and several in the south-west. By this November a further twenty-five will be distributed to mark SGA’s 25th anniversary of Biblical Leadership Training Ministry in Moldova.

Peter Mihalchiuk writes: ‘The priority of our ministry is church planting, and I inspire our missionaries to look first of all at the neighbouring villages. It’s not a big distance but the roads are very bad. I can’t even imagine how we may do our ministry without motorbikes’. The cost of the motorbikes, with helmets and necessary documentation, is about £700, a lot of money in Moldova, where the average salary in villages is less than 200 Euros per month.

Pastors and evangelists with their new motorbikes

The benefits are immense. Igor Kojuhari, from Shalviri Veki village writes, ‘Some time ago we started to preach in the neighbouring village of Chapaevca. Several people repented and showed an interest in the Gospel. We started a special meeting with children and about 25–30 attended. The distance from our village is only a few kilometres. It’s not far away, but when I walked there it took a lot of the time. Now, the motorbike is such a blessing, and I can get there in ten minutes.’

Fiodor Popov from Calarashovca says: ‘When I started ministry in Kodreani village I didn’t have any transportation. I had to walk about 3km to the bus station and then take a further bus journey. Sometimes it took two hours. When I received a motorbike, it was like a miracle, and the journey can now be made in fifteen minutes! The motorbike is very economical, and parts are very cheap. I thank the Lord and pray that He will reward the people who supported this financially.’

When I received a motorbike, it was like a miracle…
Pastor Fiodor Popov

SGA has also provided cars where this is more appropriate. Ivan Yasilkosky, from Calarashovca, received a car in 2013 to continue his ministry in Tirnova and also Brichava. Ivan says: ‘The distance from my home to Tirnova church is about 48km. When I started ministry there I needed to walk about 3km, then take about an 80min bus journey, and finally walk another 2km. I can’t ride the motorbikes because I’m too old and sometimes it is very cold outside. So, I’m very thankful SGA have helped me buy this car.’

A further extension of the ‘Gospel on the Move’ project was the recent provision of funds to purchase a minibus for Bethany Camp. This will be a great blessing in bringing children to the residential camps to hear the Gospel.

Bethany Camp Minibus
Jesus had need of a donkey, and our provision of transport for His servants meets an acute Gospel need!
Pastor Peter Mihalchiuk