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We are living in a world that has many forms of power – electric power, nuclear power, rocket power, missile power. In addition, we have the term ‘superpower’ which is used to describe a country in a dominant position, with extensive ability to exert influence or development on a global scale. But Christians have the greatest power at their disposal – heaven’s power!

It was this power that impacted the world through the early church as recorded in the Acts of the Apostles. Acts 1:8 makes clear that this was a power which would enable the believers to witness courageously.

Most people want to succeed in some area of life: business, family relations, music, athletics, politics, education. The believer needs heaven’s power to succeed in the most important activity in life – serving God faithfully and effectively.

God gives extraordinary power for the extraordinary challenges of witnessing for Him across the world.
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We see this in Luke 24, where the disciples were instructed to stay in the city of Jerusalem until they received power from God. This power was vital for the growth of the first-century church and the advancement of world mission. It was made clear to the gathering in the upper room that this power was essential for the challenges of the local mission field – Jerusalem, and the global mission field – the uttermost parts of the earth.

The extraordinary power which fell upon the Christians at Pentecost permeated the early church, equipping it for the special challenges of witnessing for Christ. Paul the Apostle points out to the Ephesians that there is an extraordinary power available to believers that can accomplish far more than we normally think or imagine.

Surely this is the great need of the church today? This power from on high is essential for the expanding witness of world missions in the twenty-first century. We are faced with many powers that are set to eradicate the church, but praise God we can have His power to enable us to achieve great things for Him.

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During a recent visit to far east Russia and the Ukraine war zone frontline, I was challenged by the enormous task of advancing the Kingdom of God in these regions. In this issue of Breakthrough you will read a first-hand report from regions in Russia which could well be described as ‘the uttermost parts of the earth’. Here I encountered first generation believers empowered for this huge task. In dire, depressing conditions the church in Ukraine is resilient, with heaven’s power enabling the believers to keep going forward with the Gospel, resulting in amazing church growth and continued blessing.

This world needs the Gospel preached! Not with wise and persuasive words but as the Apostle Paul emphasizes, ‘under the demonstration of the Holy Spirit’.

‘There is no telling how much power God can put into a man’.
C.H. Spurgeon, known as the ‘Prince of Preachers’

May the twenty-first century church experience extraordinary power for the extraordinary challenges.