A Prolific Author

How is it possible to be involved in the production of over 70% of all Christian books in one’s country, fulfil the responsibilities of a Senior Professor of Chemistry in the local university, and be heavily involved in church ministry too? Only by God’s mighty equipping of Ivan Grozdanov has so much been accomplished, and only God truly knows how it has been possible.

Unlike many in the West who seem to prefer television or films to the printed page, many Macedonians have a hunger for reading, and many books written or translated by Ivan have had to be reprinted twice or even three times because of growing demand. This is such an encouraging sign.

For many years now, SGA(UK) has followed and supported Ivan’s ministry both by prayer and with financial help, recognizing what has proved to be a great literature opportunity in Macedonia. Over the years, reports have been received telling about the openings Ivan has through his own bookstand at the large annual Book Fair in Skopje. Alongside selling many Christian books, Ivan and his team try to identify and offer the best books to help interested seekers and speak to visitors to the stand about faith in Jesus.

Skopje Book Fair

Ivan commented, ‘All the books we have produced so far, over sixty titles, are having an important impact on individuals and even society too.’ He is now finishing a book on ‘Science and Faith’, a hot topic in our world today, and hopes it will be published soon and prove to be a book that challenges its readers.

He believes that everyone should be able to enjoy reading and learning from good Christian books. Therefore, children are very much on his heart – he has six grandchildren himself – and he is currently working on a daily devotional book for children, to be published later this year.

When Ivan is not writing books, he is translating them. He is currently translating a series of sermons from the book of Romans which his own brother, Pastor Sam Grozdanov preached.

Ivan is about to retire from his university post, but we are assured that he already has a number of writing projects planned for the coming years, God willing.

Many years ago, the Puritan preacher and writer Richard Baxter, said of his literature, ‘I have written 128 books. I was but a pen in God’s hands, and what praise is due to a pen?’

We are so thankful to God for people like Ivan Grozdanov who are ‘a pen in God’s hand’, bringing God’s truth in the Gospel to their fellow-countrymen and encouragement and blessing to fellow believers through their invaluable literature ministry.

Pray for Ivan and his wife Slavica and this vital ministry in Macedonia. Ask God to continue to inspire Ivan in his writing and translating of Christian books. Pray that he would know times of rest and refreshment. Finally, ask God to put the right books into the right hands.