A Legacy for the Generations

Author & Pastor Ben Faragau with his wife Nora

There are times when God’s servants can know the joy of immediate blessings in their ministries. However, there are other times when it takes the passage of time to truly assess the value and influence of a work. Such is the case with the literature ministry of Ben Faragau in Romania. For over twenty-five years Ben has been used by God to provide valuable resources for Christian leaders, preachers and teachers in Romania and beyond. He has persisted in his work despite the effects of a degenerative eye condition, in order to produce over forty volumes of commentaries on the Bible. He has done this with the specific aim of glorifying God by equipping Christian leaders to handle the Word of God faithfully. Ben was asked by SGA to reflect on a literature ministry that has grown and multiplied in ways he could never have imagined.

Pile Books
Man reading Book 2

'The literature ministry in Romania was born out of a need. In 1991 I was invited to give leadership to the Bible study department in the Baptist Union which meant creating a yearly Bible study programme calendar for 1600 Baptist churches in the country. However, the problem was at that time there was no significant Christian literature in Romanian and almost no Bible commentaries in our language. I soon realized that my brothers needed help if they were to understand and teach the Bible in a relevant way.

Our literature ministry had two complementary aims: (1) to assist and equip the young generation of leaders in our churches for a better understanding of the Bible and (2) to equip ordinary Christians to be more effective witnesses in the market place. Looking back, it is encouraging to see how these aims have been met, and humbling to realize how God has used this work. The published commentaries have not only spread across denominational lines in our country, but have been used abroad in many Romanian communities across the world. We are so thankful to God for the privilege of contributing to the ministry of the Kingdom with a few loaves of bread and fishes. The results are all in God’s hand.

I thank God for providing such wonderful SGA brothers and friends.We have ministered together for more than half a century. May God richly bless all who gave their time and resources to further the work of God’s kingdom in Romania.

Another great blessing I can reflect upon is that we have not laboured alone. During the years of communism, SGA missionaries came into our country and, through their teaching, helped us grow in our understanding of the Bible. More often than not those teaching sessions were held in the woods and in the mountains away from the suspicious eyes of the authorities. When the ‘iron curtain’ fell, SGA provided us with a core English theological library, and then they teamed up with us in printing our Romanian Bible commentaries.

Some of Ben’s commentaries

My generation has reached the final stages of its journey on earth. The next generation of leaders must take up the burden and fight the good fight for God’s glory and for the edifying of His church in its generation. We will not be on the scene, but we hope and pray that the Christian literature we have left behind will continue to minister to those who will carry the burden of expanding the Kingdom of God.'