Under the Spotlight

For this edition of Breakthrough we spoke to Pastor Charles Ficsor from Hungary.

Pastor Ficsor, can you please tell us something about your family, home and background?

I was born in the midst of World War 2 as the 6th child of 11. From my early childhood I worked with them on their farm. My parents were deprived of all their goods during the war but of their faith. After the war they started everything again with hard work. From 1948 the communism came to might and this fact closed the doors of high schools before us, and I stayed on the farm. The revolution in 1956 brought some changes in this area, and in 1960 I was able to attend high school and later, beside working, I studied and gained a diploma as an engineer. In 1968 I married a very devoted Christian girl and then together we sought what the will of God would be for our life.

How were you converted and called into the ministry?

Our parents brought us up in faith. They did not speak a lot, rather their example influenced me. Though our ranch stood far away from the church, yet, they took every opportunity to take us into God’s house. I invited Jesus Christ in my life as a child and I sealed that decision at the age of 15 by the baptism. Even when I was quite young I knew that God had a plan for me. His precise calling reached me at the age of 28. My wife stood with me and we served together, first in the local church by teaching songs and music for children. Later He entrusted me with a special work: Christian broadcast ministry. That time it was very dangerous, because the government tried to stop every Christian activity and the believing in God. Preaching was very limited and exclusively in churches. In spite of all these hindrances and prohibitions, at week-ends and at nights I was on my way in the country making recordings for Trans World Radio. Then we smuggled these records out of the country. Our relationship with SGA started that time, at the beginning of the 70's. They were God’s secret angels who took the cassettes through the border into Monte Carlo.

In what particular ministries have you been involved?

Our Lord placed us in a home for elderly people where we served between 1983 and 1991. We cared for them spiritually and physically as well. It was wonderful to see how the lives of 70-80-year-old people changed as they started following Jesus. Later our ministry has become enlarged and we established the Good News Foundation (GNF) as a mission-organisation. We planted a new church. Under the converts there were alcoholics, drug-addicts etc, and they got freed from their dependencies. We outgrew our church building; we needed to build a bigger one. By gathering together and teaching neglected children we help those families „at the hedges". We organize club-programs for them, workshops and camps, and we teach them daily that they may be able to fit into the school-education, since the gypsies are still far behind other people. Through our wide-spreading charitative ministry we can help many people to have clothing and food, letting them experience God’s love by that.

What role has SGA played in the past and what role may it play in the future?

During that time the Lord has called me to serve Him in full time, independently from people, depending only and alone on Him. In this situation SGA stood with us. They have been supporting our family personally. They systematically support the camps we organize for the gypsy and Hungarian children and young people. In our building project, beside continually having encouraged and prayed for us, they supported us with considerable financial means. They organized groups of volunteers to do building work. We wish to continue our ministry in faith in the future, too. We go forward standing on the promise of our God and on the experiences He has lead us through during the past. I believe without doubt that whenever God moves the hearts of the brothers and sisters through SGA to practise charity, they minister to His little ones.

What blessings have you experienced and what challenges are you facing?

The greatest challenge for me and for my wife was to give up our civil job. Both of us started to serve Him in full time and without receiving any payment. I have to admit that I was very afraid to do so and from the time of my calling in 1988 I hesitated for 3 years. I ‘stepped into the water’ in 1991. (Joshua 3:13.) My wife and our 5 children stand in faith with me and they encourage me. SGA have heard of our decision we had made with my wife. I can remember the day very well even today when, at springtime of 1992, two co-workers of them visited us, they encouraged us, having promised that they would stand with us, and they granted us a bigger amount for our ministry. Since that time they continually send their support for our family and they also support several of our projects. Let me say thanks here for all that. I know that our obedience in following God’s calling resulted in repentance of many souls as they accepted the Lord Jesus as their Saviour. This is a tremendous blessing from the Lord!

How can we pray for you?

In Hungary in this hard economical situation there are many gypsy and Hungarian families struggling in hard financial situation. Less for the adults but more for children we can help by encouraging and teaching them, by moulding their thinking that way. Unfortunately they do not realize the importance of education, nor preparation for life. Please, pray that we may not get tired of helping them or fighting for them. Please, pray that we may reach more and more gypsies and Hungarians with the good news for the glory of God!