A Well of Living Water

Erasmus, a scholar from the Reformation era, once said, ‘When I get a little money, I buy books; and if any is left, I buy food and clothes!’

Perhaps he was exaggerating a little, but within this witticism there is wisdom. Good books are a vital tool, and diligent Bible students will make it their priority to obtain them to further their understanding of the Bible.

A Pastor’s Library

For those on relatively small incomes however, buying books may require serious financial outlay. This is where SGA can help. When students graduate from our Moldovan Mission School they receive a small library of books. These have been selected by Moldovan church leaders but are paid for by SGA. Each library costs around £100 which may not sound like much, but which represents around two weeks average salary there.

The brothers and sisters receive slightly different libraries reflecting the different ministries in which they serve. Included in the library are: Bible Encyclopedia Brockhaus – the largest in the Russian language with over 6000 articles on Bible history, archaeology and geography; Commentary on All of the Books of Scripture – a commentary originally published by Dallas Theological Seminary; and Calling Christian Leaders – John Stott’s classic work on effective Biblical church leadership.

Peter Mihalchiuk, who has assumed responsibility as the Moldovan Mission School Director from Nikolai Malai says, ‘The library of Christian literature received by the Mission School graduates is a great blessing for the students as the material is used in the practice of their ministry’.

Roman Todoseichiuk, a past student, confirms this, ‘I started preaching as a young man aged eighteen, and at that time there was a big lack of literature. Our joy was great at receiving the books. The way they helped in the ministry cannot be overestimated. It was as if we had a well of living water!’

New Mission School Director: Pastor Peter Mihalchiuk

Graduates of our Mission School in Ruptawa, south Poland, also receive the following books paid for by SGA: Quick Reference Guide to the Bible (John MacArthur), Nine Marks of a Healthy Church (Mark Dever), Foundations of the Christian Faith (Roger Weil) and Workmen of God (Oswald Chambers). Some of these titles were originally translated and published with financial support from SGA.

I think these books represent well the direction of student development during the three years of the School. They also respond to the need for further development. The more good teachers of biblical doctrines we have, the more stable our evangelical churches will be.
Tomasz Chylka, Organiser of the Ruptawa Mission School

In an age when a Kindle can hold a thousand books, Google can answer any question, and Wikipedia has replaced Encyclopedia Britannica as the ‘go-to’ source of knowledge, we continue to recognise the need for serious students of the Bible to have their own library of good books. They will support a lifetime of ministry and prove to be a ‘well of living water’!

Prayer points:

Please pray for the Students of the Mission Schools: that the books they receive from SGA would be a blessing, and a great help to them in their future ministries.

For SGA’s ongoing work in Moldova and Ruptawa, and for Mission School Directors: Peter and Tomasz.