Help us give them God’s Word

In September of last year a request for help came from Pastor Avram Dega in Vrsac, Serbia. As part of its celebrations on Reformation Day, the Church in Vrsac decided to give away 400 Bibles to those who wanted a copy of God’s Word but could not afford it.

This seemed to be a very appropriate way to celebrate the Reformation, as putting the Bible in the hands of ordinary men and women was one of the main aims of the reformers. However, the church in Vrsac had a problem. The members knew there were people in the town who wanted their own copy of the Bible but the church could not meet the full cost of supplying 400 Bibles free of charge. So the request came to SGA - can you help us? As long standing partners of Pastor Dega we were pleased to meet this request and in October the church began its celebrations.

The following report comes from Pastor Dega as he recounts how God still uses the distribution of His own Word today.

Dear Christian Friends and SGA prayer partners,

With great joy and thankful heart we’re presenting a report on our church’s recent event. On Sunday October 31st, we gathered together as a church with our friends to celebrate the victory of God’s Word! As one of the essential heritages of the 16th Century Reformation, the Bible was spread widely among ordinary people, and the truth in it reformed and changed people’s lives! With such a belief we provided Bibles and New Testaments for many families and friends that would gladly have a Bible! On the occasion we had guests from Timisoara, Romania, who served with praising songs and a Bible message.

Firstly, we gave a Bible to every person who attended the Sunday service of celebration, then we sent a Bible copy to every family at home, who asked for it. Also we continued to offer free Bible copies to the families that were visited in their homes by home visit evangelism teams of two in the town and surrounding villages! Nearly 300 Bibles and New Testaments were given in that way!

The next step is to invite those families that are not (yet) Christians, but received a Bible copy, to participate at our pre-Christmas evangelism meetings. Praise God, there are already individuals who positively reacted to the Gospel presentation in their homes!

Herewith we’d like to express our profound gratitude to the Slavic Gospel Association, who helped in providing two thirds of the Bibles we were giving out with this project! We appreciate so much your taking part in this project and are grateful for your financial help and your prayers which are so valuable as well! May the Lord bless each one of those who gave and prayed for this cause!

Linked through the love of Christ,


Avram Dega,

Pastor of Vrsac Church