The Written Word

On one of his missionary visits to Russia, Peter Deyneka met a preacher in Leningrad who had no Bible, and was asked if he would leave his well-worn New Testament with him as a gift. As he handed it over, Peter apologized for its torn cover. He describes what happened next:

‘The preacher took the little book as a child would accept a new toy or some candy. Tears came to his eyes as he put the book down on the desk and looked at it. He picked it up again lovingly and shook Peter’s hand heartily. “Oh, brother Deyneka” he said, “We are not looking for beautiful covers. What we are looking for is the Word of God.”’

Old Used Bible

The vital role of Christian literature has been recognized and exploited from the earliest days of SGA’s ministry, and it remains a significant and strategic part of SGA’s support for the work of evangelism and Bible teaching throughout Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Bibles and Scripture Text

In recent years SGA supported the publication of an improved translation of the Bulgarian Bible, and the translation and publication of the New Testament in Macedonian. Substantial financial support is being directed to the production and distribution of a trustworthy Kazakh Bible in Central Asia. The Kazakh Bible Project aims to put God’s Word into the hands of up to one million native Kazakh speakers who previously had no access to God’s Word in their own language. Lives are transformed when exposed to that Word! One former Muslim mayor in Central Asia testified with joy: ‘God spoke to me in my own language!’

Christian Literature

Many in the West are unaware of the paucity of sound, faithful-to-the-Bible Christian books and commentaries in the countries of SGA’s ministry. SGA has financed the translation and production of important books in Hungary, Macedonia, Serbia and Romania, giving believers and church leaders the vital ‘tools’ they need to grow in their faith and to share that faith with others. The invaluable writing ministry of ‘in-country’ Bible teachers such as Ben Faragau in Romania and Ivan Grozdanov in Macedonia has a profound impact upon evangelical church life and is generously supported. We must pray for a succeeding generation of mature Christian teachers who can write well for their own people.

Bible Correspondence Courses

Generous financial help has been sent to SGA’s mission partners Bibel-Mission, in Almaty, Kazakhstan, to further develop and distribute the Independent Bible Correspondence Course, which is now available in seven languages. More recently, the material has been made available online in several countries of Central Asia. Around 1,500 students are benefiting from this excellent teaching material.

IBCS Books 1

Libraries for Graduates

A very practical need is met by SGA’s gifts of books and ‘mini-libraries’ to graduating students of the Mission Schools. These resources are deeply appreciated, and it is not unusual to witness tears of joy in the eyes of students as they receive these, knowing that the material will help to sustain and enrich their ministry for years to come.

Books for Students a

SGA’s Christian Literature Ministry is ‘alive and kicking’! A huge ‘Thank You’ to all supporters who pray for and finance this thriving, fruitful aspect of our mission.