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The prospect of a new SGA Mission School is always exciting, and staff members always attend opening sessions with a sense of expectation. In January last, the thirteenth consecutive group of students commenced studies at the Mission School in Balti, Moldova. Twenty-six students were enrolled, some travelling considerable distances to attend.

I had a strong desire to attend. I felt that I am limited in my knowledge of the Bible and that is why I want to study, in order to minister to the children and teenagers in a proper way.
Aliona from Khotyn [Ukraine]
Moldova students (1)
Moldova students (4)

This year SGA will celebrate twenty-five years of faithful unbroken ministry there. Some of these students were not even born when the Mission School programme started in 1993! 

Unfortunately, for the biggest part of my life I’ve lived without God and I was addicted to alcohol. In 2016 I happened to be at a Christian rehab centre where God freed me from every addiction. I repented, was baptized, and came back to my home city in order to serve the people much like me, homeless and addicted. I do not know the Bible well enough, and that is why I am happy about the fact that my church blessed me to go to the Mission School. The lessons we are taught are not easy but so necessary for my ministry.Constantin from Transnistria

A new school is planned for south-west Romania, based in Bozovici.

Pastor George Cojocaru, pastor of the church there, and with responsibility for three others, will be the Mission School’s director. He anticipates about twenty students will join the course. George is excited about the school and explains why it is important for the churches in that region:

'Many local preachers are without formal theological education. They don’t have the time or the resources to attend Bible College. Many have attended conferences or have some religious books, but their education reached a level and they are stuck there! I don’t know of any better solution than SGA’s school'.

Pastor George and his young family

I consider that I need SGA because I want to understand the Scriptures better. My expectations for the SGA school are to deepen my understanding of Scripture and to be better able to interpret the Bible in the right way; also to be able to explain the difference between healthy teaching and the cults.
Lucica Badescu, a deacon at Hope Church in Șopotu Vechi
Bozovici ROMANIA
Bozovici Church 2
Through the grace of God, I serve in the church with the teenagers, and I am also involved in local mission. I consider that it is necessary for us to have a more complete preparation so that we can minister in a right and a responsible way. We eagerly await the start of the SGA classes, and hopefully through the instruction and assimilation of this knowledge, as the servants of the Lord we will be able to serve in an efficient way. We are grateful to you!
Maftei Theophil, Hope Church in Resita

We praise God for these open doors to train and equip present and future leaders for the furtherance of the Gospel in Eastern Europe. May God Almighty add His great blessing and attend the ministry of the Word with great power and may all the students be helped in a wonderful way.