Your Adventure Starts Here

Young people can’t wait for the summer holidays and the adventures they anticipate during those weeks. For a number of children in Serbia a new adventure awaits them this summer, as they attend Camp Tekeris for a week’s holiday. No doubt the children will be excited, as will the camp leaders from the Bread of Life, and the two Baptist Churches in Belgrade. They will be really looking forward to showing love and care to these boys and girls and young people.

Tekeris Tents

Camp Tekeris is located about two hours' drive west of Belgrade, near the Bosnian border. It is a place of beauty, of hills and mountains, and fresh air! For some young people this will be their very first experience of the countryside.

Over recent years Bread of Life, with the help of SGA (UK) and others, have developed the camp into a special place. The facilities enable the young people to camp under canvas, or inside one of the two buildings which house the kitchen and dining area as well as accommodation rooms.

Roma children at the ‘Sports’ Camp

But the greatest part of the adventure is not visiting the place but meeting a person, Jesus Christ. For many young people this will be an opportunity to hear the gospel for the first time. As in previous years some may come to know Him as their Saviour, while others will grow deeper in their relationship with Him. So often many Christians here in the UK testify that ‘they became a believer at a Christian camp’. This has been and continues to be the experience in Eastern Europe too.

Campfire time

The following is an inspiring report from last summer’s Sports Camp.

Two groups of Roma young people came to the camp. There was animosity between the two groups and they refused to mingle, always sticking to their own friends. They even threatened to fight each other when the leaders were asleep. This was a problem for the leaders, but not insoluble for God! By the time the groups were preparing to go home there were real tears of sadness as they were preparing to leave each other’s company. They longed to meet up again soon.

There are five camps planned this summer. Scripture Union will be organising two, for children and teens. One camp is for local church young people, one for women, and another for Roma children.

Tekeris Camp 01

Prayer Points

  • Please pray for this summer’s adventures at Camp Tekeris.

  • Pray for the young people attending and for those leading.

  • May the good news of Jesus impact their hearts and lives.

  • Pray too that in the longer-term Bread of Life will find a couple to oversee the camp ministry.