Dreams and prayers

My name is Ismet Iakup. I am twenty-eight years old, married, with three boys. I have been brought up in a Muslim family. My parents taught me to believe in Allah.

When I was sixteen years old I had a dream. In this dream I saw the end of the world. The dream was very terrifying. Everything was in ashes and ruins. I told Jesus in the dream: ‘I don’t know what I have done to you, but I would like to live some more.’ Then God said to me: ‘You are mine’. I forgot about the dream.

In 2002 I was nineteen years of age, already married and with one boy. I then had the same dream three times and I was very frightened. I told my mother about it and she took me to see the ‘Hodja’, a Muslim priest. He spoke very vague words to me and I was disappointed. My mother later told my dreams to our neighbours who were Christians. Then they invited me and took me to their church.

I then kept going to the church, but I liked only the songs. The sermons did not touch my heart. Then my second son was born, and we found out that he was seriously ill. He had a hole in the heart. On a second visit to the hospital we were told that the hole in his heart was getting bigger. I was crushed. That day I went to a church service which gave me hope. The words which touched my heart were from Matthew 11:28: ‘Come to me all who labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.’ These words were just for me. I understood that Jesus could heal people. He could even raise the dead.

I believed he could heal my baby boy with only a word, and could make him live. I shared my prayer need with the church, and then all the nearby churches started to pray for my second son. The next six months were very difficult indeed. My wife and family were against my new faith in Jesus. On the next day that we were due to go to the hospital, I went out and got special treats to bring to the doctors for I knew my son was better. My father thought I was crazy!

The doctors could not believe what they saw when they examined my baby son. The hole in the heart was gone! I told them that Jesus had answered my prayers, and that He is Lord of Lords. Praise the Lord that all of my family have now trusted Christ. Since 2007 I began to preach in my home church. I believe that God is faithful, and I pray that I may be faithful to Him.