Meeting the Light of the World by Candlelight

On a night when a storm had caused a power failure, Aco Mitev began to read his mother’s New Testament by the dim light of a candle. He describes a ‘most wonderful moment’ when he came to understand the words of Jesus who declared that He is ‘the resurrection and the life’. He repented and put his trust in the Saviour and immediately knew that light and hope had been given to him. He had found the way of Life.

Aco with his wife Trajanka

Up to that point as a nineteen-year-old young man searching for meaning and purpose, he had failed to find satisfaction in his professional football career, in his hobbies and pastimes, and in his partying and socializing.

Before becoming a believer, I played football professionally and chess as a hobby. It was my preoccupation. I was young, and I thought that this should be life with parties and all kinds of activities that fulfil life. However, although I had these pleasures, I was not satisfied with this life and wondered what was the meaning of my existence?

In Christ he had found real life and he was not slow to witness. Next day he says:

I went to tell my friends, relatives and everyone that Jesus is the Saviour of the world.

Several years passed and Aco was offered the opportunity for theological study in Croatia, at the end of which he served as pastor of a small struggling Methodist Church in Bitola which had only one elderly member but served as a meeting place for a small group of believers. Aco married soon after the beginning of his ministry and together with his wife Trajanka, remained there for twenty-two years. Circumstances changed, and the church became first of all independent and eventually ‘God’s Voice Christian Church– Bitola’.

God blessed the faithful preaching of His Word and the witness of the few believers, so that within a few years the membership grew to forty, plus adherents and other visitors. The church also ministered to students of the city’s university. At present the congregation meets in Aco and Trajanka’s home because they do not have a meeting-place of their own. This is an acute need and one for which Aco requests prayer.

Aco and his fellow believers are active in several ways as they attempt to reach the community around with the Gospel. They have used radio broadcasting to good effect, communicating with many people who would not otherwise hear the Gospel. They have a literature ministry, and over a number of years have distributed over 50,000 Bibles to homes in Bitola and beyond.


Currently Aco is working on an audio Bible which he hopes will bring the Word of God to many additional Macedonian ears. He also uses the internet to post Christian videos and sermons and is encouraged that some who watch and listen communicate with him and are evidently searching for the truth.

Praise God that the ministry of Aco and the church in Bitola has been blessed and used for the salvation of many, including university students who found Christ during the period of their studies. Today some of those converts are active in ministry and outreach in other parts of the country. Several have become preachers and pastors, and others are active in church leadership in their home communities.

Pray for this Gospel light in Macedonia where believers are a tiny fraction of the population yet are burdened and motivated by the love of Christ to persist in their outreach, firmly believing that Christ will call many more of their fellow-countrymen to Himself.