From the director’s desk - How big is your God?

Summer is here! Many people already have their holiday plans in place, looking forward to a well-earned break. For some it is a relaxed holiday in a quiet location with beautiful scenery, while others head to the mountains or lakes for an action-packed adventure! Wherever we go, nature reveals God’s handiwork, portraying His greatness. The Psalmist David reaffirms God’s power in nature when he writes, ‘The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament showeth His handiwork.’ The wonder of creation in beauty and detail is one way in which God reveals Himself to mankind. However, the scriptures make Him known in a way that surpasses revelation in creation.

Derek 4

The Bible reveals God as a permanent, promising, providing, protecting, powerful One. In this day of uncertainty and unrest we need to remind ourselves that He is still the great and mighty God Who controls the universe. ‘All nations before Him are as nothing…. It is He that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers….’ He is the One Who reigns from eternity to eternity. Our God reigns!

There are times when we can become discouraged and feel defeated as the problems of life seem insurmountable and circumstances overwhelm us. Darkness surrounds us and it often appears there is no way out. The question could then be asked, ‘How big is your God?’ It is true that God’s greatness does not depend upon what we think of Him; however, He can never be bigger in our lives than we allow Him to be. Warren Wiersbe made the comment, ‘We need to see our circumstances through God rather than God through our circumstances.’ This will determine how big God is in your life. If you see Him through your circumstances, then God will be small and the circumstances big. If you see your circumstances through God, then God will be big and the circumstances small. Isaiah discovered God’s greatness during very uncertain circumstances. The kingdom of Judah had experienced strong leadership for 52 years under King Uzziah. However he died, and his successor Jotham had little knowledge of his new role.

Isaiah, anxious about the future of the people, made his way to the temple to seek God. In that hour of seeming defeat, he experienced a great spiritual blessing. The earthly throne was empty but he saw the heavenly throne was still occupied by God. This is a good practical lesson for Christians today. When the day is dark, lift your eyes to heaven, and see God on the throne.

We need to see Him as the almighty, reigning, miracle-working One. Like David we should face our Goliaths in ‘the name of the Lord of hosts… for the battle is the Lord’s.’

Reports and testimonies in this issue of Breakthrough underline the confidence our co-workers in Eastern Europe and Central Asia have in God. Their response to the challenges of ministry is always the same - God is Able!

Looking at the task of reaching the nations with the Gospel, it is easy to lose hope in the face of unbelief. But if we look to our great God, then mountains can be reduced to a plain, obstacles can be surmounted, difficulties can be overcome and barriers can be broken down. God is Able!