No Obstacles

In recent years there has been a thrilling movement of God’s Spirit in many Roma communities throughout Eastern Europe.  Villages which were once impervious to the Gospel, now have a House of Prayer or an open home where the Gospel is preached, and Roma believers witness to their neighbours. 

Recently an SGA staff member met Calin Rostas, a student at the SGA Roma Mission School near Zalau.  Calin cannot read or write, but he can talk and he can sing!  Many know of his past difficult and sinful life.  Prejudice and hostility made finding a job difficult, so that supporting his wife and six children was a constant battle.  Given to alcohol, he often wasted what little money he earned on getting drunk.  He was abusive to his wife and was a bad father to his children.  His mother-in-law, who was a strong believer, died, and both Calin and his wife were profoundly affected by her funeral service. By God’s grace they both responded to the Gospel and a wonderful transformation unfolded.

Illiteracy was no barrier to Calin’s strong desire to share his faith.

 He uses his excellent singing voice in a busy itinerant ministry, visiting many Roma homes and Houses of Prayer to share his testimony and to ‘sing the Gospel’ to unbelievers.  He is deeply respected for his faith and his Gospel boldness.  He attends the SGA Mission School with the desire to learn more of God’s Word, and to have a deeper walk with God.

As well as facing prejudice and hostility from many non-Roma people, and battling to find daily work to earn enough for his family, Calin and his wife have endured great anxiety for their youngest child who has had to undergo serious heart surgery.  Further complex treatment is necessary.  None of this has been permitted to be an obstacle to Calin’s Gospel ministry.  He and his wife keep going, in God’s strength dealing with problems which might well have broken them. 

Calin testifies that his faith has become deeper and stronger, and his ministry more effective because of being able to attend the Mission School.  Others in the school regard this brother highly, and they treasure his ministry of encouragement.  He is known to visit believers in difficult circumstances just to bring a word of encouragement to them.  For Calin, there is no obstacle to sharing his faith in Jesus that he will not confront and, with God’s help, overcome so that sinners will be saved, and believers blessed and strengthened in their faith.

SGA is involved in encouraging ministry to Roma people in various ways.  Opportunity to train for ministry through the Mission School programme is one.  Another is financial support for the provision of Houses of Prayer, such as that currently being undertaken in Aiud in Romania.  There, through generous help from the Mission, a new House of Prayer is being erected for the thriving Roma fellowship.  Pray that it will be the birthplace of many new believers, for the glory of Christ.