Turning disaster into a celebration of life

‘If it weren’t for the flood, I would never have known what it means to have my sins washed away by the blood of Christ.’ These are the words of one of the many who lost his house in the severe floods that hit Romania in 2005 - 2006.

Damaged House

The damage caused by those floods in southern Romania had to be seen to be believed. As the pictures of the utter devastation came to the attention of Christians across Romania, a growing conviction that something had to be done took hold of God’s people. A request was made to help, and SGA along with others, joined with our partners in Romania as they sought to respond to the needs of people. As the following article from Filip Faragau in Romania records, God has used and blessed this initiative in amazing ways.

"Our motto in this project through which we helped rebuild over 70 houses in 5 villages was: Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. More important than the houses that were built, is the fact that Christ built His Church in these spiritually barren areas. The region is known for pagan and occultic practices and as a result all forms of Christianity have struggled to make an impact through the years.However, there is now a church in each of the villages where we worked! Praise God! The vast majority of the people who now attend these churches have come to know Jesus as their Saviour because of the way they felt the love of God expressed in the service of those who helped them during their time of need. They could not believe that someone from hundreds of miles away cared for them and was willing to help them without demanding anything in return.

Baptism Danube Mission

Now that the building work is over, our goal is to support these newly-planted churches in their ministry. Throughout the year there are groups of Christians from various parts of Romania (and also other countries) who go to these villages and, together with the local church, organize ministry events - children’s Bible clubs, football coaching (with a spiritual twist), medical aid, smaller building projects etc. As an example, this summer, a group of young people from the city of Cluj-Napoca, together with Christians from Northern Ireland, will minister in the village of Carna. This will be our fourth year of ministering in Carna - the villagers now consider us part of the family. Our main focus in these summer projects is the children - it is a great joy to see a new generation hearing the word of God!

Praise be to God for this opportunity to serve Him! We also thank you for all your prayers and support. As we now look back over the years, we see that the overflowing of love on these villages far surpassed the flooding, and we stand in awe of how God transformed the disaster into a celebration of Life."