No Papering Over These Cracks!

Church members have been giving their time and energy to this great project.

Otaci is a large town in Northern Moldova and is one of the main border crossings over the River Dniester into Ukraine, so it is quite a busy, bustling place.

The town has had an evangelical church for many years now. Its current building is over fifty years old.  This was an old house, renovated and converted into a ‘House of Prayer’ which has served the church very well. However, now ever-widening cracks in the brickwork and the need for more space because of the growth of the congregation have spurred the believers to action.

With help from SGA and Bibel-Mission, the possibility of a new church building behind the existing one is becoming a reality. Church members have been giving their time and energy to this great project. The vision will soon be realized and, God willing, by the time this article is published, the Otaci believers will have a new home.  Friends of SGA, along with those of Bibel-Mission, rejoice with them as they celebrate God’s goodness and provision for them.

Pastor Roman Todoseichiuk, who has served the church since 2006, sees tremendous benefit in having a bigger building especially for Sunday services. The present premises are cramped most Sundays and on special Sunday occasions there is an overflow. At the last Christmas service they had to use the unfinished new building to get everyone in!

Other ministries in the new House of Prayer will include on-going children’s work, various social projects, family meetings, and special evangelistic services.

Pastor Peter Mihalchiuk, who has helped with the new building said, “The fact that brothers and sisters worked so diligently in building the new church is a great example for the people in this town. Many people were amazed how quickly the church building was erected. Some said, ”Their God is really helping them."

Pray for Pastor Roman, the twenty-seven church members, and for everyone who will enter this new House of Prayer with which God has blessed them. May it be used for His glory and for the preaching of His precious Word for many years to come.