New Mission School starts in Levice

The new school which commenced in Levice in March got off to a great start. Levice is a small town of about 35,000 people, situated in a plain not far from the low Tatra mountains. Twenty five students, mainly a mixture of young men and women from the Levice area, have so far signed up, many of whom enthusiastically met to study ‘An Overview of the Bible’. The school meets in the basement of the large evangelical church in Levice (see above) where Pastor Stefan Evin ministers to a congregation of about 400. He is committed to making the school a success. The church is about a ten minute walk from the town, and has wonderful modern facilities. In recent times the believers have purchased and converted large premises a short walk away, and have transformed these into a café, with rooms for youth meetings. Outside in the rear courtyard they have built a large climbing wall on one side, and on another they have a large white-washed wall available for outdoor films in better weather! These premises are greatly used as a place of outreach and fellowship for believers. Most of the students in the new school attend this church and they are keen to be involved in evangelism. The school meets on Fridays and Saturdays. Please pray that others will attend, and that this will prove to be a strong school which will equip many as they engage in the Great Commission.