From the Director’s desk: Revival - Our Greatest Need!

As I write, my mind goes back to one of my early visits with SGA to Eastern Europe accompanied by a pastor from UK. The Sunday evening service had concluded, but such was the reality of God’s presence that people did not want to move from their seats. The silence that followed was broken with sobs from repenting people. My colleague turned to me and said with all sincerity ‘O that we could experience this back home.’ I’m sure our hearts cry out with the prophet of old that God would ‘rend the heavens and come down.’ Jonathan Edwards states, ‘When God is about to do a great work; he pours out a spirit of supplication.’

Derek 4

When King Solomon had offered the dedicatory prayer in the Temple, ‘the glory of the Lord filled the house.’ The awareness of God was so real that the priests could not enter the house of God. We discover in 2 Chronicles 7:3 that the people were so affected that their faces were to the ground as they worshipped God. There was a reality of God and a reverence for God! God had come!

During a recent trip to Romania with Voluntary Representatives, a pastor was asked, ‘What is your most urgent prayer request?’ His reply was clear but profound -‘Revival.’ Why? He reminded us how 40 years ago God visited the congregation and community with a gracious outpouring of His Holy Spirit. During the following years this move of God spread across the country. It was very evident that this pastor was longing for God to do it again. As I heard this heartfelt desire my thoughts drifted to the current spiritual decline in the UK and Ireland and our need for ‘revival.’

In this issue of Breakthrough we present up-to-date information from different countries, showing how the Gospel is impacting many lives. However, with our friends in Eastern Europe there is a growing desire for a spiritual awakening. After the demise of Communism, cities, towns and communities were impacted with the Gospel resulting in huge numbers coming to faith in Christ. They now believe that a God-sent revival will turn the tide of materialism and secularism and re-establish spiritual priorities once again. Do we desire revival with the same intensity? ‘Lord send us revival!’