God is Faithful!

A previous edition of Breakthrough highlighted a number of ways in which our brothers and sisters in Eastern Europe were using the 500th anniversary of the Reformation to share the transforming message of the Gospel. Prayer was asked for these events, and as a follow up to that article, here are the results of one initiative, illustrating the faithfulness of God in answering the prayers of His people. 

Pastor Tomasz Chylka from southern Poland, had planned a number of different evangelistic events to mark the anniversary of the Reformation. Although now a predominantly Roman Catholic country, Poland has an interesting history. Initially it was greatly affected by Luther and some of the other reformers.  Historically, the region of Poland in which Tomasz ministers, has had strong German influences. Knowing this, Tomasz approached his local museum and suggested organizing an exhibition on the history and influence of the Bible. Reluctantly the museum agreed to host such an exhibition for one week only. 

Museum Poland

Despite obvious official scepticism Tomasz got to work. He organized interactive exhibits which included a number of older versions of the Bible, replicas of ancient manuscripts, and information on major figures of the Reformation. In addition, he prepared and distributed publicity for the exhibition, bought New Testaments for free distribution, prepared his church members to initiate conversations with visitors, and called the church to prayer. As he went to the museum on that first morning the question running through his mind was: ‘What will happen? Will God bless this initiative and answer the prayers of His people?’

Bible Expo 2
Bible Expo 1
Student Studying Bible
Open Bible

Tomasz had no need to worry - God answered in ways far exceeding his expectations. People of all ages and backgrounds visited the exhibition to such an extent that Tomasz had to act as a tour guide because the existing volunteers could not cope with the numbers of visitors. Grateful for this opportunity, he went around the museum explaining all the exhibits.  At the end of the tour he used the parables of ‘lost things’ in Luke ch.15 to illustrate the central message of the Bible. In a further unexpected twist, Tomasz was asked to run the exhibition for a second week, since those due to exhibit after him had to drop out at the last moment. Tomasz immediately agreed to this invaluable opportunity.

Tomasz Chylka Bible exhibition a
Bible Expo 3

What were the results of the exhibition?

Thousands of people came to learn more about the Bible and its message.

Over 500 New Testaments were given out to visitors. 

The museum officials admitted that it was the most popular exhibition they had ever held.

Prayer was so obviously answered.

Tomasz asks us to continue interceding for him. He said, “God gave us an opportunity to spread His Word … what is left now is to pray for the fruit of this work.”

May God bless this initiative with spiritual fruit!