Edinets Widow Meeting a

Meeting their Greatest Need

SGA’s Widows' project has been used by God to meet the physical and material needs of many Christian and non-Christian widows over the years. Our heart’s desire is to hear of unbelieving widows trusting in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour through this ministry.   It was encouraging to receive the latest report from Peter Mihalchiuk which spoke of a special evangelistic meeting held in the village of Edinets, Moldova. Over 200 non-believing widows gathered to hear Peter speak. After the service, there was lunch and a question and answer session. As they left, many widows gladly accepted a Bible. Pray that the Lord will bring many to a saving knowledge of Himself.

Supporting Strategic Training

The Odessa Theological Seminary in Ukraine is a long established conservative evangelical training institution whose influence extends to a number of countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.  Church leaders in Moldova, Romania, Kazakhstan, and others along with those in Ukraine itself, have been trained through the courses offered there.  Over 300 students are currently enrolled, following courses focussing on pastoral training, missionary service, youth and children’s work, and various other ministries. 

Recently SGA[UK] provided a substantial financial gift to support the current programmes, and also allow the Seminary to develop its training in other ways.  That gift was an answer to prayer, and an encouragement to the faculty to press ahead with plans which, in the goodness of God, will ensure that the Seminary will continue to have a profound impact upon evangelical church life within Ukraine, and beyond its borders.

Translating a Little Gem

Down through the history of the church there have been many examples of small, well written books which have had a profound influence on those who have read them. Easy to read, yet grappling with the deep truths of the Christian faith, these accessible little gems have been an invaluable resource to the Church. This is our prayer for Stuart Olyott’s book, 'What the Bible Teaches About the Person of Christ." Recently funds were sent out to enable Dinu Mogu from Faclia Publishing in Romania, to complete the translation and printing of this important work. 

Commenting on its value Dinu said, “The book exposes the fundamental errors of the cults and the liberal theologians… [It] summons all of us to believe right, and to live well. This will be a book well worth reading and pondering.”

Update from Eastern Ukraine

In December we shared news of the ongoing tragic situation in Eastern Ukraine and our intention of providing heating equipment, clothes and food packages to those in need.  Funds were sent out quickly, and we are pleased to report that the equipment and other essential items were purchased and shared with over 3,000 needy people.  Our partners in Ukraine report that local church buildings were used first as storage bases, and subsequently as distribution centres to get the aid to those in the conflict area. With their local knowledge, church leaders were able to direct help to those who needed it most. Need was the only essential criterion. Other matters such as religious belief, political allegiances, race, gender were not taken into consideration when selecting those who would receive the heating equipment, clothes, and food.

It is encouraging to hear how many people were helped materially, but even more to hear how God has used this relief effort to provide further Gospel opportunities for the churches in this part of Ukraine.

God has shown to many that He can become a way out, even in a seemingly desperate situation. The Church was seen as His instrument in His concern for them.
Ukrainian Church Leader

Please continue to pray for our brothers and sisters in Ukraine as they strive to be used by God to meet the material and spiritual needs of their fellow-countrymen.