There is no end to the work…!

Often this little phrase is heard with a hint of frustration or even desperation as someone struggles to cope with a heavy workload. As far as SGA is concerned, however, it reflects the exciting opportunities constantly presented to us for expansion of our Gospel ministry.

No end to the work of training!

In the past year fourteen Mission Schools have been running in twelve locations scattered throughout Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Over 250 students are engaged in the training programme, most of whom are actively engaged in the service of the Lord Jesus.

A new Mission School will commence in Bozovici, Southern Romania in 2018, and Pastor Oni Mladin has indicated several other needy locations in that region.

Pastor George Pidoima the Director of our school in Cernauti, Ukraine, is already asking about the possibility of a follow-up school there for Ukrainian speakers, when the present group of Romanian speaking students graduate.

In a further development in Ukraine SGA[UK] has made a substantial financial contribution to the development of the training ministry of Odessa Theological Institute.

SGA continues its involvement in and support of the wide-ranging ministry of Emanuel Christian University in Oradea, Romania, and has pledged funding to enable a number of Christian leaders to pursue PhD research, a vital investment for the future of the university, and the maintenance of its quality Christian higher education.

No end to the work of writing and translation!

SGA’s Serbian literature project is nearing completion, with three books finished [Commentary on Acts – Stott; ‘According to Plan’ – Goldsworthy; ‘Know the Truth’ – Milne]. The translation of ‘The Cross of Christ’ [Stott] is almost finished.

Financial support is ongoing for the writing ministry of Ben Faragau in Romania and Ivan Grozdanov in Macedonia. Their work is of particular value since they know intimately the context into which they are writing.

Finance has been forwarded to Dinu Moga in Romania to enable the translation and publication of Stuart Olyott’s book ‘What the Bible Teaches about the Person of Christ’.

The Kazakh Bible Project – attempting to put a Bible within reach of 1 million Kazakh speakers in Central Asia – has already attracted much prayerful and financial support for which we praise God.

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No end to supporting national leaders!

The re-launch of the motorbike appeal - ‘Gospel on the Move’ - has been taken up enthusiastically by supporters. Additional bikes have been purchased recently, and further transport help for workers is planned.

During the past year gifts were given to our friends in Moldova to help erect a new House of Prayer in Otaci, and for a further purchase and renovation project presently being explored.

Financial help was forwarded to Ivan Grozdanov and the friends at Skopje Baptist, to complete their church building and literature distribution centre.

New workers have been taken onto the Leadership Support Programme and are being supported financially in ministries in Kazakhstan, Macedonia, and Romania.

No end to responding to humanitarian need!

SGA is helping to finance the provision of home heating, warm clothing, and wholesome food packages to those desperately affected by the continuing war in eastern Ukraine.

As in past years, over 800 widows were helped around Christmastime with a gift of money to help buy medicine, food and fuel.

Substantial financial help was given last year to help complete the Transition House in Odessa.

No end to the expansion of SGA’s ministry!

An exciting new development is underway in co-operation with the other SGA families in USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand to ‘Reach Russia Now’. Using light aircraft and trained missionary pilots, the Gospel is being taken into one of the loneliest and last-reached regions of far eastern Russia.

Several needy situations in Ukraine and Romania have been suggested to us as possible Mission School locations. Prayerful consideration must be given to these in future months.

Praise God there is ‘no end to the work’! Jesus said [John 9:4]: ‘We must work the works of him who sent me while it is day; night is coming when no-one can work’.