Great Commitment - Lasting Rewards

The country of Moldova has been on the heart of SGA(UK) for many years now. Good solid Christian friendships have been established. Our core ministry in the country is the influential Mission School in Balti, which will celebrate its 25th Anniversary next year. 

The twelfth group of students graduated at the end of last November and SGA teachers joined in the celebrations, ‘rejoicing with those who rejoice.’

Twenty students completed the two-year teaching programme and were given diplomas, graded according to results of seven exams, sixteen tests, seven assignments, the quality of their note taking, and their attendance record at the school.

Olga, one of the top students, said, “Thank you for the two years of support. Your prayers have been answered.” Those prayers were not just for her studies, but for her family and her ongoing young people’s camp ministry.

Many students do not find it easy to get the necessary two weeks off work for studies. Employers are less flexible than in the past. When students are absent from work they do not get paid. Sadly, some can only attend half the lectures due to work, but catch up on the study material in their own time through recordings of the lectures.

Aleksandr said

“The kind financial support was great during the times I had to leave work for the Bible School and I was not earning.”

Derek & Sasha a
Constantin a

Constantin said

“Being a relatively new believer, this time in the Bible school has been very profitable. I’ve learned so much.”

Last November was the climax of the students' two-year course. The graduation meal was held in the afternoon, with pastors and students sharing testimony of the tremendous blessing of the SGA Mission School, not just for the students, but for the whole country of Moldova. SGA’s many years of commitment to Moldova was acknowledged with deep gratitude. Gifts were given to the teachers, Irina the translator, and Nikolai the Mission School director. Songs and poems followed the meal.

Olga a
Derek & Andrea a

In the evening the graduation service proved to be a special time, when the ‘head’ student and Derek Maxwell both preached, a group of students sang, and the whole body of students praised God together. The treasured Mission School Diplomas were presented to joyful students, and all agreed - the commitment and the cost was so worthwhile!

There are long-term rewards too.  Students are better equipped and resourced for their ministries and service for God. They are helped to be more of a blessing to their churches and to individuals whom they meet and minister to. The twelfth group’s time of study has come to an end, and twenty-seven new students comprising group number thirteen have commenced their studies in January.  Praise God this prayer is being answered in Moldova!

The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.
Luke 10:2